Dream in the today

This past Thursday was probably one of the worst days of the year for me. It’s not just because that’s the day that my almost two year relationship came to a crashing end, but many because that was the day that I realized the cost and weight of my disobedience to God. God had already told me to let go, but I chose to hold on and at some point, that defiant choice began to reek because it did not have God’s blessing. But that’s not why I’m here today…

As 2021 comes to an end and I “pen” the last #MondayMessage of the year, I want to share a secret with you all…

My dreams always come true.

No matter how wild and outlandish, scary and triggering, or beautiful and joyful- my dreams always come true. The thoughts and visions that God sovereignly (is that a word???) and divinely place in my heart, always come to fruition. Whether they are literal, figurative, or metaphorical, God shows me a glimpse of what’s to come and He’s never been wrong yet.

But hear me, these are not “premonitions” or any type of psychic junk that the secular world would have you to buy into. This is simply God having conversations with me when I’m asleep and unable to interrupt His divine flow. Beloved, do you recognize when God is speaking to you? Honestly, my mind runs one million tabs a minute and it is only when I am asleep that the tabs are closed and I’m in a position to hear what God has to say to me. He has shown me much over the past 35 years, but what He has revealed recently was both terrifying and extraordinary, all at the same time.

Yet that is not the purpose of today’s post. In fact, I’m not even in a place to truly disclose what He has spoken over my future, but what I will say is that today is the day that I dream. As I wait for God to accomplish the work that He alone has begun in me, I wait for the tomorrow and I dream in the today.

Heal, love, wait, and strength- the strategies that I encouraged you to have in the today. I get it, some of these strategies seem more difficult than others, but they are all essential as we continue to build our relationship with God.

Heal– release the pains of yesterday…
Love– appreciate what and who you have…
Wait– with anticipation and expectation, trust God…
Strength– allow God to give you what you need to push through…

And today, dream. Close your eyes, silence the world around you, and allow God to show you what seems impossible.

As I write this, I am watching Jingle Jangle on Netflix. First of all, if you haven’t seen this musical yet, you must see it at once; it is so amazing! Musicals are the best cinematic creation every, but this one has an extra amount of magic that just excites my heart! Second, one of my favorite parts of this movie is the explanation of the Theory of Possible. The young Journey arrives at her grandfather’s toy store and opens his heart to see and believe the dreams that he had long forgotten and chose to stop believing. She reminds him that everything is possible, if he just believes. And, Beloved, that is exactly what I’m saying to you today- even the wildest dream that God gives you is possible, if you just believe and trust Him. After all, Who do you think gave you those dreams?

That dream for your career- it’s possible.
That dream for your family- it’s possible.
That dream to break generational curses- it’s possible.
That dream… it’s possible… if you believe.

Heal, love, wait, strength, and dream in the today.

Be blessed, Beloved.

Thank you so much for traveling with me over the past 52 weeks (and longer for many of you!). It has been so amazing to share with you all that God has placed on my heart this year of 2021 and I am excited to see what He has in store for both of us in 2022. Make sure you tune in next Monday for a special message from me! Until then, have a safe and blessed New Year; remember, DREAM in the today.

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