LOVE in the today

Last December, God spoke to me and told me that 2021 was going to be my year of LOVE. He instructed me to not only continue to learn the true meaning of love, but to share it with others as much as possible. For this, I chose to share a post on the 3rd of every month, quoting His words as written in 1 Corinthians 13: 4-8a. To be honest, at first I thoroughly enjoyed this and felt good about what I was doing. Then, as the months wore on, I felt guilty, like a hypocrite, because I didn’t feel like I was living up to the basic tenets of being patient and kind.

Sometimes I get upset and go from zero to 100 in .03 seconds.
Sometimes I choose to express my inner feelings with not-so-kind words.
Sometimes I run away from situations that scare me, leaving others in the wind.
Sometimes, I’m just not a nice person.

It hurts to admit that; it hurts to realize that. However, sometimes the truth is painful but it is always necessary.

Yet as I sit here on the last first Monday of 2021, I can’t help but reflect on the goodness of God and the LOVE that He has surrounded me with this year. As I continue to walk in this series of TODAY, today I am focusing on the love that is in today.

Beloved, what is LOVE to you? What does it look like and how do you share it with others? I’m not asking for your love language, per se, but I am asking how you define and show love. For my mother, love looks like fixing a BIG meal, with more food than people, sending everyone home with dishes upon dishes. For my sister, Ionie, love looks like helping people figure out some puzzling tech situation. For my best friend, Amy (whose name means “Beloved”), love looks like offering a listening ear and open heart to the concerns of others. For my boyfriend, love looks like sacrificing sleep and money to ensure that others have the things that they need or want. For my niece, Sophia (whom I affectionately called “Butterfly”), love looks like drawing pictures and sharing the stories of her heart. For me, love looks like the hugs and words that I share with those in need.

But what is LOVE to you? If you do not have an answer, I implore you to take some time today and discover what love looks like to you and those around you. Find a way to be the love, share the love, and welcome the love.

Simply, LOVE in the today.

Be blessed.

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