God Happened to M.E.

The good happened and the bad happened, but most importantly, God happened.

What happens here...

Healing happens here! After surviving years of depression, as a result of years of sexual assault, I have committed my life to helping others heal. God Happened To M.E. is a Ministry that God placed on my heart as a way to introduce people to complete healing through Christ. I am currently on a healing journey and I invite you all to join me. Read the blogs, buy the Devotional book, attend the events, and connect with me on Social Media but most importantly, open your heart and mind to the possibilities that God provides. It's healing time, y'all!


A journey continued...
As I continue on this healing journey, God continues to amaze me! I mistakenly thought this healing process was just for me, but God has shifted and transformed it into an entire ministry for His people. The beauty of this ministry is that it is for everyone, no matter where you are on your spiritual journey. I talk about Christ because He saved me and I know He can save you... if you let Him. Will you join me?

Be blessed.
2 Corinthians 1:3-4

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