Healing Happens Here

I have survived enough in life to know that I have survived nothing without God. I share my life in the hopes that someone else may heal and find peace.

Step One…

Welcome to the beginning of your healing and growth journey! You have completed the most important step which is deciding to begin. So CONGRATULATIONS!!!

My name is Michelle Early and I am a SURVIVOR!

  • I am a rape SURVIVOR.
  • I am a suicide-attempt SURVIVOR.
  • I am a depression SURVIVOR.

…and I have survived it all because of God.

This site is a safe space, filled with lots of love and prayer. While I am a Christian and write from the prospective of a sinner saved by grace, this site is for ANYONE, in ANY walk of life. Within the various links you will find my heart’s words (blogs, poems, and stories) and also photographs of God in our daily lives. I pray that this site helps you heal or helps you see God happening to your life.

Welcome, again, to YOUR healing journey.

Be blessed.


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