Jesus, take the wheel

For over a year, my car (specifically, my steering wheel) was making this random clonking sound every time I made a turn. With every dip, bump, or stutter that I drove over, my car made a sound that told me it was not ok. Personally, I had gotten used to the sound but whenever someone else got in my car, I was a bit embarrassed by it. It wasn’t until about two weeks ago when I got my oil changed and my mechanic mentioned it (again) that I finally realized that it was a problem that I needed to fix immediately. Well, this past Tuesday, I finally buckled down and got my car repaired. The piece itself had a cost of about $3, whereas the labor was about $130. Whew, I did not feel like spending that much money, but the repair was necessary… and things would have been a lot worse without the repair.

Jesus, take the… wait, where is the wheel???

Today, as I sit down to write this piece, I can’t help but notice the metaphor for my life. Like my car, something was wrong internally and after some time of trying to deal with the issue on my own, others began to notice it and it was time to get repaired. Others could see that my mental health/well-being was deteriorating. Others could see the weight that stress was adding to my frame (again). Others could tell that my strength wasn’t what it used to be. It was all becoming very noticeable.

Jesus, take the wheel.

So often we go about our daily lives, completely unaware of the brokenness that lies within us. Conversely, some of us are well aware of the damage that is within us and we are praying heaven down that our secret would never be revealed. And some days, we are a bit of both…

Like my car (Beauty, is her name), there is something within us that when it’s out of whack, our entire being is out of alignment. And it is at that point that we must surrender to the repairs of the Master Craftsman. Imagine, Beloved, our whole lives being out of sync because of something smaller than the palm of our hands. Now, imagine if we carve out the time to be skillfully opened and repaired from the inside out.

What would our lives look like then???

It wasn’t until Tuesday afternoon as I watched the mechanic work that I finally understood the meaning of the phrase, “Jesus, take the wheel.” The person behind the wheel of the car is in charge of navigating the vehicle and moving it the way it must go. It is that person’s duty to keep themselves and everyone around them safe from all harm. The driver bears a high level of responsibility every time that they are behind the wheel and the passengers in the car must, literally, trust the driver with their life. As I looked at my car’s exposed steering wheel area, I paused, realizing that even on my best day, I cannot do this on my own and I am in desperate need of God’s help.

Jesus, take the wheel and direct my life.

Is that your prayer today? Is that what you are crying out to God, begging Him to repair the brokenness within you? I don’t know about you, but this is the song of my heart today and every day. I want God to lead and bear all responsibility. I want Him to steer my course and “lead me down the path of righteousness for His name sake.”

It’s time to be repaired; Jesus, take the wheel.

Be Blessed.

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