M.Lisa Photography and Poetry

Welcome to the latest branch of the God Happened To ME Ministries, LLC! Please pray with me as I venture in this lane with the Lord. If you would like to book me for your photo needs, please click here. To view or order photographs, please click here.

I know it can be hard to serve a God that you cannot see or feel; it is hard to submit and surrender to a Father that seems so far away…

The sole purpose of M.Lisa Photography and Poetry is for you to see God in your every day, ordinary life. Here you will find photos taken during my travels- both locally and wherever else I may visit. The pictures show the normal staples of life, that we sometimes miss, and they illustrate how God is ever-present in our daily lives. In between photo blocks you will find a haiku; these are short poems that are written to or about God. As with everything, please read/view, reflect, and repeat.

Enjoy and be blessed!

Call Me by My soul…

Know Me by the way I love…

Embrace My Spirit…

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Lord, strengthen my faith.

Bring me closer to Your throne;

Please pull me in, God.

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Welcome to this place.

Dwell forever; fill this space.

Fill me with Your grace.

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The sun of Your smile

Illuminates in my soul.

Your Son is my joy.

I take off my shoes,

Humbling my heart to You;

Worship is my goal.

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I labor in You,

Rewards are sweet like honey;

No work is in vain.

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Blossom in my heart,

Fill me with Your saving grace.

Lord, You are my joy.

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The Son is shining;

Gray skies have been made bright blue.

Fresh and new am I.

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Life can be fluid,

Change lets happiness be real.

Evolution reigns.

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You entered my life…

Now I know love’s true meaning…

Forever are we.

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