The Motivation in Time

Time is a fragile thing.
No, it can’t be broken or destroyed, but once it’s gone, it’s gone forever.

Time moves only in one direction and it’s always in the moments where we need it to change the most, that we remember the forwardness of time.

Time has no respect of person. Every person is given the same 60 seconds in one minute, 60 minutes in one hour, and 24 hours in one day. It is wholly up to God as to how much time we will be given and up to us as to how we will spend that time.

Time doesn’t stop.
No matter what we do or how it may feel, time keeps on going. The issues I endure may cause me to feel as though time has stopped for me, but it continues on, regardless of my feelings. Even in the death of loved ones, time continues on for those who live on.

Time is fragile, but it is beautiful.

I have ADHD and OCD (both are diagnosed conditions that God is still healing in His own way) and because of them both, I love routines and patterns. Nothing is more thrilling to me than consistency and continuity. Yes, sameness excites me! Yet with each passing day of this year, God has found a new way to tell me the same message, “trust in Me, not in time.”

Truth is, God is the Creator of time. Actually, He is the Creator of all things. And as such, we must get to a point where we learn to trust the Creator of all things, versus the things themselves. Everything will fade away in time… but God is still the same. As I watched personal timeline after personal timeline fall apart at my own hand, recalled the death of someone who was gone far too soon, or watched as time passed me by, all I could think was, “Time is filled with swift transition. None on earth unmoved can stand…”

That old hymn pulls at my heartstrings as I wrestle to make sense of the world around me. In fact, this entire #MondayMessage came about because I missed a day in my Bible app reading and my reading streak was erased. All day last Monday, I sat in my feelings, wishing that I could go back to Sunday and click open the app. I have to laugh now because I was really more upset with myself for not clicking into the app, versus the fact that I didn’t read the Bible at all that day. (But that’s a blog for another day.)

As we close out this Motivational March, I want to encourage you to continue to trust in God. Time is such a beautiful thing… but it is also an unforgiving thing. We must learn to always turn to the One Who creates, the One Who forgives, the One Who loves and never changes… even with the hands of time.

Be blessed.

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