The Motivation in Waiting.

Imagine loving something when you first see it. It was the GREATEST thing you could imagine at that time. Then four (or some) years later, something similar comes along but it turns out to be BETTER than the original. Your heart is happy and you are filled with joy, unspeakable joy!

How do you feel now that you have the newer item? How full and complete do you feel now?

Well, not only is that how I felt about Zack Snyder’s Justice League (ZSJL), but that’s also how I continuously feel about God!

I’m so sure that you did not expect me to go that route. One, because you know that I am a Marvel Comics fan for life and, two, because this is a website about God- why mention comics? But here’s my point, Beloved, waiting is so crucial in our walk with Christ and waiting was all that I could think of as I watched that four hour movie.

Full disclosure, I love comic/action movies but I rarely read comics when I was going up. As such, I am not the one to notice the major differences between the original and the remake. What I will do is run to Google and do some research to determine how I feel about the movie in front of me. So, four years ago when Justice League came out, I did do my research and saw that it was indeed pretty close to comic book reality. I enjoyed the movie. I loved seeing the individual superheroes come together to save the world and I smiled as Wonder Woman dominated everything that she did. Girl Power!

Earlier this week when I saw ads for Justice League, I just knew that it had to be some new sequel. I wasn’t expecting it so it was an action movie blessing to me! I ran to read about it and search its history… and that’s when I learned that it wasn’t a “new” movie, but instead a different director’s own version. That’s also when I learned that it was four hours long; I guess one hour for each year that we went without it. But here’s the thing, this version- despite its length- is so much better than the original. It offers ALL of the backstories and additional information that we needed as fans. The only question we are left with after seeing this movie is, “when is the next movie coming out?” And maybe, “why did that other version even come out in 2017?”

Let’s come back to God…

I remember when I first gave my life to God. I was eight years old and Mrs. Ida had walked me down the aisle at Mt. Calvary Baptist Church in Towson, Maryland. Everything else about the process was a blur, but I do remember being in all white and people helping me into a pool. I was in the recovery period of my life and I just did what I was told. I was told to give my life to Christ, so I did. It was ok, God seemed cool and all, but I didn’t feel much different at the time.

Fast forward to September 2016. I was fresh out of a relationship and still trying to come out of deep depression. I remember sitting in my apartment with my then-boyfriend and calling out to God for Him to save me. Yeah, I had been baptized before, but in that moment, I felt God was changing my life yet again. The original story of my faith came out in 1994 but this was my revamp. This was God’s way of developing my backstory so that others may benefit from the full truth. Those 22 years were years of waiting, growing, and living- all necessary for God’s kingdom.

This is for you, too, Beloved! Whatever the original story of your life there may be, God is still working within you and developing that revamp that will not only amaze others but also amaze you. You will see that revamp and ask the same question that I asked after having seen ZSJL- “what’s next?”

I don’t know what’s next. God is God all by Himself and He doesn’t tend to tell others in detail what He will do in our life or the lives of those around us. But what I do know is that we will face a season of waiting and we must trust God in the process. Like comic book fans everywhere, we must trust that even though the remake is different, probably longer, and created so long after the original, the revamp is the version that will make the difference.

Beloved, this is the motivation in waiting.

Be blessed.

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