Grace for weak spots

There were so many weak spots.

As I geared up to stand for three hours and re-twist my locs, I noticed that some locs had weak spots within them.

Weak spots from excessively wearing tight ponytails.
Weak spots from moments of hair loss as my locs grew out.
Weak spots from poor foundation twists years ago.

As I looked at my locs, I couldn’t identify the culprit for each weak spot, and as I ran my fingers over the wear, I realized the cause didn’t much matter at that point.

Maybe I’ve mentioned it a time or two, but growing up, my favorite question was “why.” I always wanted to know why something happened, what the catalyst of a situation was, and why things weren’t as they should be. My quest for WHY has grown into me being an adult who strives to understand the motive behind everything that happens. It’s never enough for me to know the WHO, the WHAT, or the HOW; for me, I have to know the WHY in order to understand what happened. That could be why I gravitated towards S.T.E.M. (specifically mathematics) at a young age because there was always a reason or justification for every action that was completed.

Without a sufficient WHY, it’s often hard for my mind to process what is happening around me.

I liken the weak spots in my locs to the weak spots in my life.

There’s a weak spot in my spiritual life.
There’s a weak spot in my health journey.
There’s a weak spot in my financial wellness.

And true to form with my constant quest for WHY, discovering why those weak spots exist will help me to repair the damage that has been done. You see, once I know the WHY, then I can work backwards to jumpstart the healing process. Identifying my weak spots leads to healing and healing is always my goal.

What/where is your weak spot? Where do you feel the need for additional reinforcement and strength? That’s the part that we are courageously surrendering to God today, Dear Heart.

Today is not only the first Monday of a new month, but it is also Monday in Holy Week. Now is the time to seek God for answers to the WHYs of your life, and then trust Him to help you with it all.

God gives amazing grace His grace comes in like a rushing wind and soothes our every need. Beloved, trust God to give you grace… even grace for weak spots.

Be blessed.

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