First Step- Heal

The hardest part about trying to heal is realizing that we are experiencing moments of brokenness.

As though it were yesterday, I remember the pain of my season in The Dark Place. I remember the numbness and the muscle atrophy that greeted me because I spent so much time laying on one side of my body.

It was late 2015, flowing into mid 2016 when I just couldn’t shake the death grip that Depression had on my life. I’ve spoken about it before but for those who do not know, Depression crept in and consumed every part of my being. It stole my happiness, disguised my joy, lied to me about my God, and gifted me with 70 pounds of unwanted weight. I spent every hour of my free time in bed, hiding from the real world and everyone around me. I honestly don’t think that I even remembered how to pray during that season of my life. It was hard. It was physically and emotionally debilitating. But that was the life that I “lived” for six months. I was a shell of myself and I hated every bit of me and my life at that time.

I was broken. Actually, I was beyond broken. I was so deep in my brokenness that I did not even realize that I was broken and that healing was necessary for me.

Beloved, let me be honest with you for a moment- I do not know how I came out of that season. I do not remember calling out to God and asking for help and I know that I barely talked to anyone, much less God, during that time. That’s my truth; I did not pray my way out of Depression. I did not pray my way into wholeness. I did not pray away obesity. I did not… pray. I was so broken that I honestly think I forgot that God existed and that He loved me. Yet while I did not pray, I know that others prayed for me and that their petitions to God on my behalf helped to clear the bushes and weeds of my Depression, allowing me to see the depths of God’s love.

Even in my pit of my despair, God met me there and I have never been the same. But in order to heal me, God had to reveal my brokenness.

In hindsight, without the revelation of my brokenness, God never would have been able to heal me and I would not be where I am today. Thank You, Lord, for revealing my pain AND healing me from it all.

Beloved, today I wanted to give you a shorter message (especially since last week’s message was so long) and challenge you to identify your desired healing area. It is from the identification of what we desire to heal that we are able to allow God to reveal our broken places, meet us there, and then help us heal.

Heal, sweet friend; by any means necessary.

Be blessed.

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