Not M.E.

Write about your first name: its meaning, significance, etymology, etc.

“Who is like the Lord?”

Well, it definitely ain’t me!

Growing up I HATED my name. I wanted something shorter, more fun, and not as formal as Michelle. I wanted to have a name that rang off the lips of those who uttered it. Yet I was given the name Michelle. What was my mother thinking?!

As I grew up, I learned the meaning of my name- “who is the like Lord?”– and learned to embrace its beauty. Michelle is not only a beautiful name, but it is the name that God handpicked for me. It was as though He needed me to know that my life would bring unexpected twists and turns but that I had a heart for Him.

So, I guess that’s what my name means. My name doesn’t mean that I am like God, it means that I have a heart for Him… and I’ll forever accept that beauty.

Who is like the Lord?

Definitely not M.E.

Who has a heart for Him?

Well, that is definitely M.E.

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