Gracefully Broken, Part Two

Broken… not a bad place to be.

Three years ago I wrote a piece entitled, Gracefully Broken, and I talked about my husband. I’m so sure that I invoked some strange looks and frantic social media searches as people scrambled to discover when I had gotten married. Then, I think their blood pressure leveled out when they realized that I had not gotten married (or engaged), but instead I was speaking prophetically about a vision God had shown to me. Well, Beloved, imagine my surprise when God stirred that post back up in my spirit AND complemented it with the perfect sermon-message from my brother-in-Christ, Reverend Calvin Moore, on this past Wednesday night.

There I was, sitting in church on a Wednesday night. I hadn’t been able to participate in anything church related on Mondays and Wednesdays due to graduate school, but this past week was Spring Break for my university and Wednesday was Ash Wednesday and Holy Communion service at my church. Praise God. I had the longest and toughest day and I truly wanted nothing more than to come home, take a shower, and go straight to sleep. But I pressed. As I listened to Reverend Moore share what the Lord had placed on his heart, I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself as everything finally made sense and I understood the words that God had placed in my heart those three years ago.

The title of Reverend Moore’s sermon was “Broken, not a bad place to be” and he came out of Genesis 32:24-30 KJV. He talked about how as Jacob wrestled with the Lord, he suffered an injury (a broken hip) that was designed to put him in the perfect place with God. He continued by saying that we cannot conquer much of anything until God conquers us and (and this is what I loved) because Jesus was broken, we have the right to the tree of life. Essentially, Reverend Moore told our hearts that even though we may sit in moments of physical, spiritual, emotional, or financial brokenness, it is in that brokenness that God will repair us and make us whole in Him.

Whew! I’m ready to shout right now! But first let me tell yall why I chuckled.

In May 2019 when I wrote that I was Gracefully Broken, I was saying then that God was breaking/had broken me for His divine purpose. I did not know at that moment what that purpose was, but here I am today on the other side of that brokenness, seeing the wholeness that He has given me in Him. AND, God also confirmed that although relationships had left me broken, changed who I was and how I worshiped God, I had been “crippled so that God could crown me.”

Pause. Did you miss my shout… and yours too? Let me play it back one mo’gain…

I was broken then so that God could repair me as only He can. Beloved, your brokenness and broken season are for a divine purpose and your praise is about to set you free! Just as Jacob was broken, Jonah was broken, Job was broken, and Jesus’ body was broken, so have we been broken. And just like each of them, the brokenness will honor God and serve a mighty purpose in His kingdom.

Yet, as I think about that specific post that I made three years ago, one thing is radiantly clear, my time is coming and God is soon to fulfill His word and promise over my life. That is not said in arrogance or ignorance, but solely on the strength of God’s Word that He alone can repair the brokenness of His children. The brokenness that my heart has encountered in the past is being mended by the Potter Himself and I will be better for the repair.

Dear friend, I pray that this message encourages you and that you caught your shout in here. Whether it was through my words or the sermon from Reverend Moore, I pray that you soon see that you, too, have been Gracefully broken, but that it is not a bad place to be.

To my husband, I thank you for praying for me and for waiting for me. The day is soon to come that we will meet and I wait for that day with prayerful anticipation. I thank God for the brokenness that led me to you and I thank Him for the healing that unites us forever. Thank you for trusting God and thank you for never settling for less than His best. I love you more each and every day.
Until the day that we finally meet…
Love always,

Apologies, yall; I just had to talk to my husband for a moment. 🙂 Have a Marvelous Monday and be blessed.

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