Emotionally Broken

Broken… it’s still a good place to be.

The week before last, I was on a spiritual high as I thought about how God was still in the midst of healing my brokenness and He is doing it… with grace. Yet as this past week chugged along, my own supply dwindled as I still tried to pour into others, not realizing that I was pouring from an empty vase.

Beloved, take the advice that I failed to follow: Don’t pour from an empty vessel.

Today, I sit before you with little advice to give or wisdom to share. Naked and unashamed, I ask that you would do me one favor- please pray for your strong friend. You know who your strong friend is. That’s the person that is always available, always the first to respond in difficult situations, and always there for you when you need them. That person; that’s the strong friend. Pray for them.

I walked into my mother’s room yesterday and I asked her, “why did you teach me to be strong?” She laughed a bit and then asked me what was wrong with me. I explained a work situation to her as she played with something on her phone, interjecting her opinions here and there. I didn’t tell her because I thought she could help, but instead I told her because she is my mommy and I just needed her to soothe my wounds as best as possible. Moms are good for that, right???

As I try to pray my way out of my emotional brokenness, I urge you to take the break that you need. I took a mental health day this past Friday and it was the best thing that I’ve ever done! And I believe that God was proud too, because the weather was absolutely amazing that day. Take that break, pray that prayer, dream that dream, and allow God to fill you up as only He can.

I love you all so much.

Be blessed.

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