Dare to be Seen

I finally did it. I broke down and played Word Master, you know, one of those Wordle-type games. My students play this game every day in class and one day last week a student finally showed me how to play. So when I sat down last night and actually played the game, I felt like I could hear the supportive chants of my students, cheering me on to victory.

But there were no chants.
There weren’t any words being uttered in my direction.
The only sounds that I could hear were those of my iPad as I watched Raising Dion while I played.
Yet it was in that moment that I felt seen… even though no one could see me.

On Saturday I spoke at a young adult conference and challenged the participants to remove the fear that was in their lives and truly believe their mantra, “I am Enough.” But to be honest, sometimes I struggle with fully accepting the M.E. that I see. Sometimes I wish my life was as “easy” as other people’s appears to be and I wish that some trials would just miss me completely. It’s in those moments that God reminds me that He is my strength and in Him, I truly am ENOUGH.

Who do you see when you look in the mirror? Do you see the beautiful, powerful person that I see in you? Granted, some of you I have never met a day in my life, but that doesn’t change my previous statement. It takes a strong person to tune into these messages week after week. It takes a brave soul to travel down a healing road. It takes a YOU to be here and I want you to know that I see you.

Today’s #MondayMessage is short because you need time to go and be the beautiful person that I know you can be. I release you today and pray that you feel seen in all that you do.

I love you, dear friend.
Be blessed.

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