Dare to Believe.

Honestly, I don’t know what to write today. I always have millions of thoughts running through my head and ideas bouncing around for days on end but this week, there’s very little up there. In fact, it’s just a ton of empty space. Why is it that when I need to write, there are no words that find me, yet when I need to sleep, words flow like Niagara Falls?

So instead of writing something super deep, with literal and Biblical references, can we just talk for a second? Can I be uncomfortably honest with you for a moment or two? If you keep reading, I’ll take that as a YES. If you would prefer not to, too bad; keep reading anyway. 🙂

Every night this month I have dreamed a dream. Some I can remember, while others have faded from my memory. Yet the common theme in them all has been this, “rely on God.” With each dream, I rose in the morning, earnestly seeking God… most often for clarification of the dream and seeking further instructions. No two dreams were the same or a continuation of another and- thankfully- no dreams were scary or ominous. Most nights I was not greeted by restful sleep and instead woke up feeling emotionally or physically tired from the dreams that found me in my slumber. Yet no matter the dream, God allowed me to rise each morning and I chose to greet each day with joy and enthusiasm, hopeful for whatever God would do in that particular day.

And today is no different. It’s the last day of the first month of the year! This is the month when we all work our hardest to live up to those resolutions that we set up a month ago and today is the day when those free workout passes at our local gym expire. Today is a big day! Tomorrow we will slowly begin our descent from the high clouds of possibilities that we thought would find us this year and two weeks from now, we will have forgotten the promises that we made and fully return to our old ways. So today, today is all I’ve got to help you as you dare to…


During this journey, we have dared to dream of the possibilities, plan our futures, serve God and our communities, and see God in everything that we do. Simply put, we have dared to trust God with our every breath and our very being. Today, Beloved, I am asking you to believe. Believe beyond what you can see or even what you think you can do.

Today, I am daring to believe that the first 30 days of this year will pale in comparison to what God has in store for us for the remaining 335 days. I have mustard-size faith, big and crazy enough to believe that God really can do everything that He said He would and could do.

When you dared to dream, what did God say? What did He show you in your dreams? Write that down.

When you dared to plan, what did God say would be your focus for this season? Write that down, too.

When you dared to serve, what/where/who did God show you as your area of service? Yep, write that down, too.

When you dared to see, what did God show you? What visions were made clear to you? This time, don’t just write it down, see it in your heart… and then write it down.

Call to God’s remembrance all that He has declared for your life. You are His beloved child and He wants all things great for you.

You don’t have to take my word for it; just take God’s Word for it. (Scriptures 1 and 2)

Beloved, dare to believe.

Be blessed.

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