Dare to be Illuminated

Of the many diagnoses that I have received in my lifetime, the one that continuously taunts me and sneaks up on me is Seasonal Depression.

Formerly known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), this was one of the many acronyms that pained and drained my life and mind. And after many years since my original diagnosis, I truly thought that it could no longer sneak up on me and catch me unaware, yet, there I was, sitting in the depression that finds me in the winter.

It truly is exhausting; but I am remembering that better days always come.

One literal way that I have been working through the depression is by using a therapy light to mimic the sunlight that I’m missing during the winter months. Prior to this year, I had never actually used a light, choosing instead to tough it through the most difficult three months of my year. And, yes, every day of the three months would be harder than the day before. But this year, I am actually using the resources that are available to me and I am truly living a different life… because of light.

Beloved, that is my prayer for you today. No, I’m not praying that you get a therapy light and let its rays awaken you (I mean, unless you need it). However, I am praying that you allow Light to heal you and restore you back to wholeness. Have you ever read John 8:12? This chapter of the Bible begins with the Pharisees presenting Jesus with a woman who had been caught in adultery. They wanted Jesus to condemn her, but instead Jesus instructed those who hadn’t sinned to throw the first stone at her. After some time, all of her accusers left and Jesus forgave her and told her not to sin anymore (See the Post Script for more information). At verse 12, Jesus tells the people who He truly is- He is the Light of the world. And with this proclamation of who He is, Jesus is reminding people what they can turn to Him to be set free from the darkness of this world.

Will you turn to Him?
Will you allow Him to be the light of your light?
WIll you allow Him to lead you out of darkness?

In a world that is often so complicated and filled with so much darkness, it is a refreshing blessing to know that Jesus declared that He would be our light. I get it; you may not be “religious” and you may not care to hear about Jesus or anything that the Bible has to say. I remember those years where any talk of the Bible or Jesus would not sit well with me. After all that I had been through, the last thing that I wanted someone to say to me was, “just talk to Jesus” or, “trust God” or, my personal favorite, “just pray about it.” All of that would drive me crazy and push me into a deeper form of rebellion. I just got tired of hearing that “Jesus stuff” because if He truly was all that they said He was, then why was I in pain and why was my life so hard?

I was walking in a season of darkness and I believed that there was no light source strong enough to find me and save me from myself. It took years of self-discovery, tests, trials, and tribulations for me to finally learn for myself just who God is and understand His love for me. With Jesus as the Light, I have been filled with a Vitamin “J” source that keeps me strong and ready to contend with any obstacle that comes my way. The darkness of this world does not stand a chance when put against the Light of the Lord, through Jesus. Just like my therapy light, when I absorb the rays of this Light, I am physically healed and renewed; depression no longer has power within me.

Maybe you will see that today. Maybe you’ll learn that in the coming days. Maybe you won’t see it for years to come and this is just a seed planted in, hopefully, fertile ground. Whenever the time comes, I pray that you, Beloved, dare to be illuminated.

Be blessed.

PS- I write my #MondayMessage on Sundays or in the days leading up to the publishing Monday. What’s so amazing about God is that yesterday (February 13th) God used this same chapter of scripture to feed His children through the preached word of my pastor, Reverend Dr. Keith R. Harris. I truly and humbly encourage you to listen to the word from yesterday. Click HERE to hear it for yourself. Enjoy it, my dear friend.

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