Let God do the sculpting.

Friday morning.
I was in my bathroom, filing my nails, and I suddenly became very aware of the technique that I use for filing the nails on my right hand, versus the nails on my left. On my left, I use my right (dominant) hand to do all of the work. It holds the file and shapes the nail, making sure that everything looks really good and is smooth to the touch. However, on my right hand, even though my left hand is holding the file, I noticed that my right hand was still doing all of the work. In this case, my left hand was not doing the sculpting (even though that’s what it looked like), my right hand was moving back and forth, ensuring that my nails were smooth and well shaped.

Here’s today’s point: Let God do the sculpting.

So often when we wake up in the morning, we assume that everything that awaits us is for us to handle. In reality, God wants us to let Him do all of the work and sculpting of not only our current day, but also our entire lives. He wants us to hold His hand, relax, and let Him do what He does best.

Today’s #MondayMessage is intentionally brief because you don’t need me to tell you what God has been saying for all of your life and has written within His 66 book love story to us. Beloved, all you needed was a quick reminder to hold out your hand (and life) to God and let Him do the heavy lifting.

Dear friend, let God do the sculpting.

Scripture to stand on: 1 Peter 5:7, Proverbs 3:5-6, Matthew 11:28-30

Be blessed.

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