I stared intently at the big red cup as I slowly walked from the kitchen to my bed room. I had filled the cup to the brim and I had to make sure that the tea didn’t spill out. I’m clumsy by nature so I walked very slowly, almost inching through the steps. Left, right. Left right. As I looked at the cup, I recalled this old Christian story…

A woman went to her pastor to tell him that she would be leaving the church. A bit disappointed, the pastor asked, “why.” The woman stated that she was tired of the way people were treating her in the church and she no longer wanted to deal with them or it anymore. The wise pastor gave the woman a cup, filled with water, and asked her to walk around the church sanctuary. Confused but trusting, the woman did as she was instructed. When she finished, she sat back down with the pastor and asked him why he had her walk around the sanctuary. “By not focusing on the things around you, you were able to focus on the cup in your hand. Likewise, when you focus on God, you can tune out the people and things around you.”


Today’s #MondayMessage is brief, Beloved, and summed up in three words:

Focus on God.

Nothing in this world matters more than your relationship with God. Focus on Him and everything will be alright.

Matthew 6:33
Be blessed.

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