The thoughts of my heart…

As I sat in child’s pose, I released a stream of words- prayers- to my God.

For weeks- better yet, for longer than I can remember- I struggled with fully surrendering to God in prayer. When someone asked me to pray for them, I would, but I struggled with really going to God in a devoted prayer time of my own. But as I was on the ground, surrendering to the practice of yoga stretches for my back, I took a deep breath and also surrendered to God.


You popped into my head today.
I thought of you and wondered how you were progressing through your day.
Recalling our last embrace, my heart smiled and I melted.
You were not what or who I expected.
I knew that you were coming, but I didn’t know that you would be you.
If that makes any sense.
Yet your presence reminds me that God is real and that His love for me is great.
It took me awhile to get to this point, but here I am…
Loving you, loving me, and loving the God that brought us together.


It has never been easy for me to just sit down.
My mind wanders a mile a minute and I find myself always thinking of something else that must be accomplished.
One thing that I can say about this pandemic is that it has forced me to just be still.
Whether physically, emotionally, mentally, or financially, I have been pushed into a place of rest that my entire being has never experienced before.
The rest that my body has felt in the past year has blessed me in more ways than one.
I’m grateful; my soul rejoices.


Today I pray for you.
I pray that God would bless you and keep you in all that you do.
I pray for your strength and perseverance through whatever this week may entail.
I pray that God would richly pour into your cup, pouring so heavily that you do not have room to receive.
I pray for God’s healing over your life and that you would be released from any chains that bind you.
I pray for your peace in this season of your life.
I pray for you.


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