Just Thoughts…

It’s Sunday night and I’ve been sitting in my bed for two hours attempting to write a #MondayMessage and I have yet to experience any success. In fact, this is my third draft of the night and I am not even sure what this will turn out to be. All I know is that I feel an unquenched desire to write and that leads me to my Chromebook, with my Housefires Spotify playlist playing in the background.

Last week began like any other and then took an immediate turn when meeting at work on Monday sent me spiraling into a place of professional sadness. I was so lost, unable to discern when God was going to shift me as He has previously promised. As I cried out to Him, He gently spoke to my heart, reminding me that He was still preparing me for what He has planned. I rested in His peace; I rested in my trust of His plans.

As the week progressed I found myself falling deeper in love with the sheer fact that God loved me and had me on His mind. Yes, He revealed some new ministry/service areas for me, but more than anything He just sat with me in my time of need and I felt His presence comforting me like never before. By the time Friday arrived, I was back to my normal self… because I knew that God was near.

Beloved, I want to keep writing tonight- trust me, I really do- but I feel a tug to end here and direct you to a blog post from last year. For more days than I can recall, God has been speaking to my heart about love and in order to appreciate love, one must first know self-love. On Thursday I noticed that someone had ventured through my site and read this blog. After deciding to reread it for myself, my heart fluttered as I realized just how much my Father loves me. Today I re-share that post with you and pray that God speaks to you in a new way.

Father, am I beautiful?

Be blessed.

The moment when I felt beautiful….

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