Be Content…

Be content.”
That’s all I keep hearing in my head and heart.

Be content.”
That’s what Amy told me a few weeks ago as I wrestled with God in this single season.

Be content.”
That’s what expert after expert says as they work to help others press through life’s challenges.

“Be content.”

Seriously, what does that even mean?!

Should I accept the way that things are and never desire more?
Or, should I always think ahead of where I am, never being satisfied?

But I’m not happy, Lord’ I’m struggling to understand my purpose and make sense of all that is happening around me, God!

These people are trying my last nerve and pushing me well beyond my comfort zone.
I just want to be happy and free but they won’t let me breathe!
What does it mean to be content?!
I like what I do, it excites me enough, but it doesn’t fill me… there is a void that lingers…
My heart cries out to You, in need of some clarification-


In the still of the night, I long to hear from You; I long to understand Your ways…
Yet all I hear is a still, small voice echoing the words:
“Be content…”

Be content…
Be content…
Be content…

No, what I am is becoming frustrated!

No one knows my heart, things aren’t going the way that I would like, nothing seems to be in my favor!
Yet all I hear is a still, small voice echoing the words:
“Be content…”

I hear this song in my heart…
As I digest its words like food to my soul, I understand the true meaning of the phrase that has haunted me.

Be content…
Accept where I am right now until God shifts me into His greater.
This never means that I do not aspire for more-
This just means that the aspiration over the future does not overshadow my God-given now.

Be content…
Work diligently in my current season and trust that THIS is preparing me for THAT.

Be content…
Trust that God is really working everything for my good because my heart’s desire is to please Him.

Be content
and trust God.


6 Replies to “Be Content…”

      1. It’s never easy my dear. The world ain’t making it easy for us. Everyone seems to be on a race track and when you don’t run fast enough, you don’t fit in. And that’s a great contender with being content.

        I’m very positive that with Christ, the journey gets easier.

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