It’s not your size

Last week Wednesday I went shopping for new flat shoes. With me leaving the school (casual attire) and going full time at my other job (business attire), I wanted to make sure that my attire matched my elevation so I needed to do a little shopping. HELLO BURLINGTON! So here I am on Wednesday, walking through the aisles of the store and I land in my shoe size section. Size 8- here we go! So I perused the aisles and found these super-comfy looking mules that I knew my feet would love. I scooped them up and gave them to the cashier to hold for me until payday on Friday (look, I’m trying to be responsible here). I parted with the shoes and went on about my merry way.

When Friday arrived, I went to both of my jobs and then excitedly ran to Burlington to get my shoes. I had mentally envisioned my feet taking happy step after happy step in my new shoes as I went to work on Saturday. I was ready… BRING ON THE COMFORT! And then devastation (I’m only mildly dramatic) hit me when I realized that my new shoe-loves were extremely too big for my feet.

Had I grabbed the wrong size?
Were the shoes supposed to be this enormous?
Were these the type of shoes that you had to wear with socks?
What was happening?

After a few moments of perplexed confusion, I realized that my size 8 shoes were actually size 10. I processed what I had in front of me and instantly knew what had happened- I had seen the shoes in my shoe section and assumed that they were my size.

Has that ever happened to you? Not the getting-the-wrong-shoe-size part, but the part where you assumed that something was for you because it was right in front of you. Yeah. In the midst of my shoe snafu, I learned one thing about me: not everything that is placed before me is for M.E… and that’s what I want to share with you today.

Beloved, in life we will face temptation after temptation, trial after trial, but we can find peace in the fact that not everything is for or about us. Too often we take on the burdens of others because they sit right in front of our face. We feel like we have to be a savior and redeemer to everyone that comes our way. That’s not the case, though. Every problem is not ours and every shoe in our path is not for us, either.

Personally, I have spent far too much time, money, and energy trying to be a savior to people when God did not call me to be that involved. Sometimes He just wanted me to admire His beautiful creation, observe the size/fit difference, and let the right person take it on.

That’s all I have for you today. That is all God gave me to share. He wants us to use discernment to determine what is for us and what is for the next person. So that is my challenge for you today and this week. Step back and discern if what is in front of you is truly for you or not. If it is, pray about it and let God grace you to handle all that the situation will entail. If it is not for you, like that size 10 shoe from Burlington, return it to its natural spot and let its true owner come along.

Sweet friend, if the shoe fits, wear it- own it, and be comfortable in it. God created it just for you!
If not, it’s not your size.

Be blessed.

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