Just M.E. and You…

My heart was as crowded as a forest
Open and vast,
Yet surrounded by hiding spots.

I’ve spent my life living for an audience of many.
Desperately seeking the approval of others,
Needing the validation of those that were around me.
I stood in this forest, shouting, needing to be seen.

My worth and importance were determined by those who claimed to love me.
My value was attached to temporal things.

I often walked in the false confidence of those who surrounded me.
Hiding from You behind life’s ever-growing trees.

I needed them.
I depended on them.
They masked who I was;
They kept me relevant.

But then…

As I began to draw closer to You,
You became all that I needed.
You worked slowly to remove my dependence on others.
You began to remove the trees that hid me from You.
You showed me freedom through You,
Now, I am forever set free.

Instead of me hiding behind the approval of others,
You have set me apart.
You have called me to You.

As I walked through the valley of the Shadow of Death,
I feared nothing because You were with me.

When the tree of idolatry fell,
I began to see You more clearly.
Then lust, pride, and hatred fell.
Now there was nothing in between us.
You saw me and I saw You.
You were able to speak to me clearly and directly.

I had no barriers.

The pain I had felt from losing my false security paled in comparison to the joy of You.
My forest of confusion has now become a Field of Promise.

I see You,
I feel You,
I live only for You.

Before it was the world, me, then You.
But today, all that remains is…

Just M.E. and You.

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