A child’s shoes

O Lord, Your word says,
that if I come to You as a child,
You will welcome me into Your arms,
and show me Your ways…

O that I were a child-
that I saw the world with no fear,
running to and fro,
never worrying about anything beyond the reach of my hand.

I asked for nothing,
yet I had everything.
I loved without reservation;
I trusted my heart’s word.

In my youth, You were a wonder;
in my youth, I saw Your angels all around me.
As I grow, You seem so far away;
yes, as I grow, You are out of my hands’ grip.

Allow me to walk in the shoes of a child;
allow me to see the world anew.
May I see the world as You have made it;
may I see Your love in all that is.

You are the Potter,
I am the clay.
You are the Father,
I am Your child.

I must be born again
in order to see You.
I must be born again
in order to enter Your kingdom.

Well, here I am, Lord;
sitting at Your throne,
longing to hear from You;
longing to be wrapped up in You.

Take me into Your arms;
hold me tight and don’t let go.
Fill me with Your presence;
encapsulate me in all that You are.

I run to You as only I know how;
I am the one who ran away.
You sought after me-
and now I am found.

As a child I come to You-
admitting that I need You in my life-
humbly asking for Your grace;
Father, hear my plea.

A child’s shoes I wear today-
welcome me, I humbly ask,
into Your presence;
welcome me enter Your arms.

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