There are no words to adequately describe how this morning’s phone call changed my life!

I was in the bathroom washing my face when I noticed that my phone was ringing. I had begun keeping my phone on silent about a year ago when I realized that it helped conserve battery life but as a result, I tend to miss a lot of calls. But not this one. As I saw the phone light up, I saw a familiar last name pop up through the caller ID program, although the number was not saved in my phone. I did not know why she was calling, but I was so happy to get her call. It was the cofounder of the I Am Project- the organization that birthed the Women’s Conference from Saturday. When she said hello, I didn’t know what would follow but I already knew that I would be blessed. And of course, I was correct.

Leading up to the Conference…

Last week Tuesday we had a meet and greet so that we could go over some preliminary items before the conference. I don’t know how to explain it but it was something about that meeting that let me know that the conference would be a big blessing. Honestly, in that 1hr meeting, God told me that the conference would heal so many. I instantly decided that I needed to consecrate myself in preparation for the conference. This conference would save lives and it was important for me to seek God beforehand so that His will would be done.

I had decided that Friday would be my day of consecration. Thursday evening I posted a request for prayer on social media as I slid into my prayer closet. When I entered, I avoided social media and television for 36hrs (11pm Thursday until 11am Saturday) and focused on God during that time. I stayed in prayer, read scriptures, wrote, and read other books. I specifically wanted a day without outside interference- I just wanted God. As I was reading, I had received an email from my church, reminding us of corporate prayer service that evening. I took it to be a sign from God that I needed to attend so I continued reading and prepared for prayer service.

I went to prayer service that night and joined in on the prayers, never mentioning my need for prayer for the next day’s event. Towards the end, my pastor (whose gift of discernment knows my spirit very well) brought up the conference and requested prayer on my behalf. Once again, God was telling me that this conference would be a major healing tool for so many people. I listened and followed His command.

The conference…

One the day of the conference I could feel the Spirit moving in all that I did. I realized that my knowledge of its importance caused me to think that so much would go wrong. Thankfully, I was very wrong. I didn’t overslept, I didn’t get lost, and people actually showed up- all the things that I thought would go wrong.

When I arrived, I volunteered to help with the set up of the event- partially because I like to help, but also because I knew that helping would calm my nerves. As I watched the guests pour in, I sat down and began to center myself on God. I must have looked crazy or half-there but the truth is, I just wanted to talk to God. So I did. I talked to Him and asked that He would continue to use me. I asked Him to have His way. I sat at the table silently, allowing God to fill me with Him.

And then it was my turn to speak.

I wasn’t nervous anymore. God had been preparing me for this moment for some time. He’d given me a role at my last job that forced me to learn how to speak in public. He had help me write the words to read, even though I ended up speaking from the heart. Most importantly, He reminded me to give the event back to Him and He would handle the rest. So by the time I stood up to speak, He was there and His story would be told. I honestly didn’t think my testimony was that great. It was my truth, yes, but would anyone actually be able to relate to it or understand? Turns out, that didn’t matter. God just needed me to stand up for Him and obey Him- He would do the rest.

After I spoke, the other speakers and guests began hugging me, thanking me, and pouring words of affirmations into me. Every problem and burden that I poured out of me unto that podium left space in my heart. That was the space that the attendees used to fill me up with affirmations. Literally, I gave God my problems and I was instantly filled with Him. Some people told me how my truth helped them and I would thank them for their words but give all the credit to God. It was Him at that podium; I was merely a vessel that He chose to use. I had cried so much on Saturday but I had never been happier in my entire life. In fact, I was so happy that on Sunday, I told Amy that I would be satisfied in life if every day could be like Saturday. That day changed my life and I would never be the same.

Back to the phone call…

So again I am washing my face this morning and my phone rings. Madame Cofounder (in case you haven’t noticed, I don’t like using people’s real names unless they give me consent) wanted to speak with me about the conference. She thanked me for sharing my truth and told me how much it was a blessing to her and to others that she had spoken to. I thanked her but promised her that it was all God, not M.E., who spoke. Then she proceeded to tell me about a conversation that she had yesterday with a man who had attended.

The young man told her that he had been put up for adoption by his birth mother at a young age because of an addiction to drugs. He said that hearing my truth reminded him that his mother had been raped by a family member and that that incident probably led to her abuse of drugs. He also said that hearing my truth and how I forgave my brother made him want to apologize to his mother. Let the waterworks begin…

As Madame Cofounder spoke, I cried tears of joy and began calling on the name of Jesus. As she told me about the other people who referenced my testimony and the fact that they were praying for me, I silently prayed prayers of thanks and gratitude for the great way in which He was moving. He is such an amazing God! In that conversation with Madame Cofounder, I rejoiced because God was using both of us to bring glory to His name. He was using us, in our own unique ways, to both build up His kingdom and heal others.


This morning’s phone call warmed my heart but also woke up my spirit. We each have a purpose in this life and sometimes there may be pain associated with that purpose. It is our job to talk to God and allow Him to reveal what His purpose is for our lives. As I’ve said before, He is the architect and He knows best what is best for our lives. God never said that weapons would not form in our lives. Instead, He said that they would form but they would not prosper. Rest assured that while we may encounter pain in our lives, there is a divine purpose for that pain. Let God use you!

Be blessed.

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