From Trauma To Triumph….

My God, my God!!!

About two months ago I got an email from RAINN (Rape, Abuse, Incest National Network) stating that a church was in need of speakers for a Women’s Conference in my home state. I half-read the email and immediately responded because I just knew that this was the opportunity that I had been praying for. This was the opportunity for me to tell everyone how God had worked on my life. I planned and prayed, prayed and studied, and prayed some more for the big day and it finally came today. This conference was the biggest blessing to my entire soul!

The speakers…

The theme was I Rise: Trauma to Triumph and the speakers were tasked with talking about the trauma that women endure. Several speakers (including myself) told personal testimonies about sexual abuse and rape. There were also three speakers who spoke about Human Trafficking.

To be very honest, hearing the statistics about Human Trafficking was more shocking than hearing the testimonies. I was completely amazed to hear that Human Trafficking was the 2nd most profitable criminal organization, second only to drugs. I was shocked to hear that babies as young as 3yrs old were often sold for many reasons including prostitution. It was informative but it was terrifying.

The personal testimonies were God-filled. There is no other way to explain it. Between the testimonies and angelic vocal selections, we literally went to church in that arena center today! Hearing how God had caused these women to overcome what the world and the devil were throwing at them was enough to call even the unsaved to Christ. The Holy Spirit was there, in that room with us, and it was moving freely. I cannot truly explain how the speakers, vocalists, band, and preacher set my soul on fire…but it was good.

Click this link to see my testimony: 

The Takeaway….

There was something that the preacher said that stood out in my mind. She said that the enemy will seek out people in their youth when he knows that God has greatness planned for them. The biblical reference that she provided was Joseph. Because he was loved and different from the rest, Joseph’s brothers sold him into slavery (the pit) as a child. Once enslaved, Potiphar’s wife lied in Joseph and he was sent to prison (read Genesis 39). So now here is Joseph sent from the pit to prison based on the enemy working through his brothers and others. But thank God for the palace! Joseph’s time in the prison set him up for the moment that upgraded his life. He was able to decipher dreams like no other and was rewarded with royalty. In summation, the preacher said that our pit and prison were just preparing us for our palace. What a mighty word!

When I was a child, I did not understand why my brother raped me. As a teenager, I did not understand why my father had left and why I was as sought so much male attention. As a young adult, I did not understand why I turned to alcohol, food, and promiscuity so much. As an adult, I did not know why depression suffocated me so much…. but now I know!

Everything that I went through, everything that I endured, it was all for this moment today. It was so that I could tell others how God took someone like M.E. and turned my life around. It was so that some young child could hear how a tatted and pierced woman from Baltimore experienced the worst years of her life but, through God, she was healed. It was so that someone would be set free from the chains that bind them. It was so that God could get the glory!


God is so good. He is so faithful. His grace and His mercy cannot be matched. His love reaches to the highest mountain and the lowest valley. His peace surpasses all understanding. Try Him for yourself!

Be Blessed.

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