Grace during the journey

He drove five hours north to board a plane that would eventually travel many hours south. Once his business was completed in the south, he boarded his first of three planes back to the north. And once at his final airport destination in the north, he drove five hours south to return to his home.

After a weekend away on business, his airline mileage was high but his energy level was low. He was tired and drained, needing to rest his weary body from 55 hours of interstate and dual modality travel.

There had to be an easier way to travel. There had to be a more direct path that would have allowed for him to truly enjoy both the business of his travel and possible sightseeing or adventures in the trip as well. Yet even though his path was not direct and his physical body was worn for the wear, even though the final leg of his flight was delayed for some time, his spirit was high and he wore a smile and an attitude of gratitude throughout it all.

I can only imagine that this man knew the truth- truth that I am often reluctant to admit- life is not about focusing heavily on the details of the journey, but instead about enjoying the journey itself.

Beloved, while I may not know you or your particular situation, I do understand many elements of life and I know that it comes with its own ebbs and flows. However, despite what is going on in life, we have to take time to enjoy the beautiful journey that we are on.

My professor tried to teach me the same thing a year ago, but this young man’s travel journey reminded me that life is about enjoying the journey that you travel… not really concerning yourself with the intricacies of it all.

Today, brave friend, I want you to take a moment and pause. Reflect on where you have been and where you are right now. Now, I want you to extend grace to yourself. Your life will never be perfect (sorry to break it to you) but you can CHOOSE to make the best of what you do have.

Today’s message is deliberately short because I need to take my own advice…again. In order for me to truly enjoy the journey that God currently has me on, I have to take time to rest. I’m used to always being on the go and I often miss the beauty of a slow down. Today, I am slowing myself down and being intentional about extending myself grace during the journey.

I pray the same for you, Beloved.

Be blessed.

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