Grace in Action

What is GRACE?

To M.E., grace is that extension of God’s love that is shared from one person to another.

As 2022 was drawing to an end and I sat with God to understand what He wanted me to focus on for 2023, I had to discover the meaning of GRACE for my own heart. Reading the scriptures was not enough- I needed to feel its meaning for myself. As such, God put me in situations where I was forced to delve deeper into Him, just so that I could heal from what sat before me.

From the outside looking in, my life looks so perfect and well put together. The reality is that I struggle with many things and it seemed like each one of those things appeared in 2022, demanding some of my attention. I can honestly say that I would not have survived 2022 had it not been for God’s constant reminder to trust Him and dream deeper.

So, I’m going deeper.

This year I am being intentional about two people- God and Michelle. To some, that may sound extremely selfish, but to know me is to know that I always put others before me- even to my own detriment- and now it’s time to start a journey of self-action. God had already worked on the self-love for me, now He plans to work on the action.

And that’s where we find ourselves today, Beloved. For 2023, my heart is focused on Ephesians 2:8-10. In this scripture passage, we are reminded of Who saved us and why we were saved. This year I have to intently hold onto the fact that God brought me through each previous year so that I could get to this place where I extend His love to others through my intentional actions. I already know that 2023 will be beautiful, but one reason for its beauty is because I choose to say no to man and yes to the will of God. I am currently preparing for shifts that God has spoken over my life and they require me to put God’s love into action.

GRACE in action in 2023 means that I accept apologies that may never come, I calmly diffuse situations where people seem intent on keeping me riled up, and I remain safely in the loving arms of our Abba no matter what storms rage around me.

GRACE in action in 2023 means intentional and deliberate self-work.

GRACE in action in 2023 means…

Well, what does it mean to you, Beloved?

This year my #MondayMessages will come in many forms. Some will be written (the OG method) and some will be audio recordings (my newest venture). Yet, as God allows, some may be videos or even podcasts/livestreams (click here to view my YouTube page!). As God speaks, I move. Writing will always be my first love, but I now see the value and blessing in audio/visual work, as well. Whatever the modality, tune in weekly to hear how God Happened To M.E., and then consciously and intentionally decide to Let Him Happen To You.

Be blessed.

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