Pieces of a Greater Whole

Break in a million pieces.
Collect the pieces.
Organize those pieces.
Place the pieces.
And now…
Recognize that those pieces are a part of a greater whole.

As I sit in Mod Pizza on Sunday afternoon (you did know that I pre-write these posts, right?), I realize that I am finally in the healing place of life where I can accept that the pieces that broke and then came together again, were all a part of a bigger plan. I would love to believe that I am supposed to do this thing called life on my own, but the reality is, I am one member of a greater body, created to make a shift in the future to come.

Today is the last day in the tenth month of 2022. Not only has this month flown by, but this year has been rolling like me on a clear highway- all gas, no brakes. We have been residing in the shadows that exist between special moments and holidays, anxiously waiting for the next “big” thing to come along.

Valentine’s Day just ended… soon comes Memorial Day.
The first day of Summer is upon us… let me ready my pumpkin spiced latte.
Labor Day weekend is coming to an end… so it’s time for me to buy my Halloween decorations, candy, and ensemble (personally, I don’t celebrate but that was just an example).

The shadows in between those moments are where we often live, but it’s time to come out of them. It is time to realize that there is a unique beauty and divine purpose in every day.

Today’s #MondayMessage is intentionally short because I am giving you a direct task. The healed pieces of your heart and life, are integrally connected to the healed pieces of mine, which are integrally connected to those of people in your life. And it is because we are connected that this next task-ask that I have for you must be considered and then completed. Are you ready? Here it goes…

Heal, by any means necessary.

Seems simple enough, right? WRONG! Healing begins with identifying issues and pains that exist in your life and intentionally taking steps to not let those pains consume or define you. Healing is not just a one-and-done thing that we do, or even a semi-regular task like getting an oil change. Healing is an ongoing, never-ending, cyclical activity that we must do at the onset of emotional, physical, mental, and even financial pains. We don’t stop this process just because one situation has been resolved, we continue to employ these strategies so that we can live in a state of healing, not hurting.

And that’s why I’m tasking you with this ask. As you continue to heal, your future actions come from a healed place that give grace and space for others to heal, too. If you are healed and do everything from that space, then when you engage with me, I feed off of that healed energy and I can begin to heal, too. Then once I heal, I can help others heal, too. I know it sounds a bit much, but this is the entire purpose of God Happened To Me Ministries- to help others heal.

Don’t believe me? Pray over the targeted scripture of this ministry and allow God to speak to your heart in a fresh and a new way.

Beloved, your heart, mind, and entire being are pieces of a greater whole.

Be blessed.

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