Hold to God’s Unchanging Hand.

After a month of traveling and being on what seemed like a constant vacation, it is finally time to face reality- I’m moving at the end of the week and work resumes (in some capacities) next Friday. Emotionally, I am not ready for the former, while my poor sleeping habits are not ready for the latter. Yet no matter how I may feel, time only moves in one direction and my heart and mind must prepare for what time will deliver.

“Time is filled with swift transitions,
Naught of earth unmoved can stand.
Build your hopes on things eternal;
Hold to God’s unchanging hand.”

I love that song. Growing up, it was always sung in conjunction with Ecclesiastes chapter 3 and performed at funerals or some other sad time in a church’s history. Yet as I sit on this side of 35, I realize that it is actually a song about faith, hope, and trusting. It is a joyous song, one that is meant to encourage listeners and drive them deeper into the arms of our waiting Abba. And today, I simply want to pray its words over your life.

“Time is filled with swift transitions…”

Five hundred, twenty-five thousand, six hundred minutes- the exact amount of minutes that exist in every year. To some, that number may seem too big to be true, while to others, it’s not nearly enough time. Our perspective on that depends upon what is happening in our lives in that particular moment. Is this a year where we are watching a baby grow up? Then that is not enough time. Or is this a year of financial or emotional difficulty? Then it is way too much time. Regardless of what we face, we all face the same 525,600 minutes in every year and today is the day for us to accept the fact that good or bad, time passes faster than we realize.

God, please allow me to see You in every minute of my life. Whether it is a good minute or a less than desirable minute, help me to appreciate the minute that You have given.

“Naught of earth unmoved can stand…”

Full disclosure, until yesterday, I thought this verse said, “none on earth unmoved can stand.” LOL! Growing up in the church does not mean that we actually understood everything that was said in the church-house. So, when we read this verse as it should be, many may wonder what it means. Here’s what it means: [simply] since we are God’s children, we must act accordingly when things happen in this world. Whew! As 1 Peter 2:9 states, we are called to be different, so even while in similar situations, our responses must match God’s heart.

Abba, give me a mind that thinks like Yours, a heart that loves like Yours, and hands that do Your will. As things happen around me, allow me to seek You and respond as is pleasing to You.

“Build your hopes on things eternal…”

Confession? I absolutely love this show on HGTV called “Good Bones.” While I know that these shows all have an element of fiction/ written script within them, I love to watch how Two Chicks and a Hammer guts homes down to the bare bones and then builds something beautiful on top of it. That image of a beautiful finished home- shiny, bright, and sparkling all over- is what comes to mind when I think of this verse. Beloved, as we think of the promises that God has spoken over our lives, recalling what has been fulfilled and what is yet to come, we can rest assured that there is a new beauty that will be birthed from whatever situation we face now.

Lord, thank You for Your promise to meet and exceed all of my needs in this life. Even when today does not look as I would desire, I thank You that you are still in control. I choose to trust You and Your ways.

“Hold to God’s unchanging hand.”

This part. I could never picture what God’s hand actually looked like. Was it big and rough in texture? Or was it like my hand in size, yet extremely soft to the touch? These were thoughts that I had as a child hearing this song but now as an adult, I see that the answer doesn’t matter. However I envision God’s hand to be, it is always the same and never changes. Names change, seasons change (especially in Maryland), and relationships change, but one thing that never changes is God’s love for His children.

Jehovah, thank You for being our Lord, Savior, and King. We praise You today because yesterday, today, and forever more, You remain the same. No matter what we face, You continue to show Your love for us by remaining a steady and loving Friend and Father who is right by our side.

Beloved, even as I wrote this out, I began to feel peace in what lies ahead for me. I pray that God would shower you with His peace in whatever you may face this week.

I love you.
Be blessed.

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