Access Granted

The only thing worse than not knowing something is knowing about it, but not having access to it.

Friday was my day of seclusion and rest. Yet when I finally woke up at 930am (soooo late for me), I felt the urge to go see a movie. I researched movie times for the one movie that I had yet to see- Lightyear- and then began to plan my morning around seeing the 11am showing. Completely unlike me, I was running late and hustled my way towards the theater. Weave out of this lane, brake at this light, park in this spot. When I finally got into the theater house to buy my ticket, it was about 11:07am. En route, I had guzzled down my daily smoothie and now I had an unyielding desire to relieve myself. I bought my ticket and employed walking skills similar to my driving skills, dodging people and racing towards the bathroom. Once I found an empty stall (go with me, friend), I lined the seat and handled my business. Prior to sitting down, I saw that the stall had toilet paper but now that I needed it, I noticed that it was a new roll and it was stuck.

Oh goodness.

Have you ever gone to the bathroom and handled your business only to learn that there was no toilet paper for you to use? How did you feel in that moment? I can imagine that you may have felt worse than I did in that moment on Friday. It was frustrating and somewhat annoying- being able to physically touch what I needed but not being able to fully access it.

Hmmm, I know this feeling….

I grew up in the church. At the age of eight I gave my life to Christ (fully unaware of what that meant) and I’ve been in His loving care since then. However, it wasn’t until recent years that I learned what it truly meant to be a Christian and wholly follow Jesus. If you are unaware, let’s put it this way- it’s not easy and it requires a daily “death” to self so that Christ can live in you. In the years since my baptism, I have experienced every emotion known to man, crying tears of joy, pain, and excitement at every end. Life has not been easy at all but, thanks to God and His unmerited favor, I have made it.

Yet if I’m being 100% honest with you and myself, I don’t always employ the strategies and best practices that are available to me (and all of us) through God’s Word. All of the Bibles and Bible apps in the world, available right there at our fingertips, yet we do not know how to access it.

That’s why it sounded familiar…

I’ve cried many times because I did not have access to things that I desired. Growing up I had classmates who had the relationships that I wanted, drove the cars that I wanted, and get the grades that I wanted. As an adult, I’ve seen peers reach the professional and personal success levels that I had always dreamt of for myself. I often cried because I felt like those things were beyond my reach and that I would never have what they had (on some other day we will talk about appreciating what God has given and withheld). I did not have access to those things.

Conversely, I never shed a single tear in moments when I had access to something but chose not to utilize it. I didn’t cry when I had the ability to study sufficiently for a test yet I did not and subsequently failed the exam. I didn’t cry when I had opportunities to make better career and relational choices but chose not to for some reason.

The thing about God’s Word is that it is equally accessible to all. In His infinite grace and wisdom, God has granted us all access to His heart and all that we desire, as long as it aligns with His will. We have access, Beloved, let’s utilize it.

On June 19, 1865 enslaved people in the South received the news that slavery had ended and that they were free. Of course, this news came years after they had actually been set free. Can you imagine that? Having freedom for years and NOT knowing about it? Hmm…

Beloved, when Christ hung on the cross at Calvary, choosing to die for our sins, He willingly gave His life so that we could have freedom in Him. Centuries later, many of us have yet to receive the news that we have been set free and what that freedom entails. We know about it but we have not accessed it.

Let’s gain access!

Today, sweet friend, I want to share the magnificent news of how we can access to the freedom that Christ offers. Please, take a moment to sit down and ready yourself for what I’m about to share. Are you ready? Here goes…

Access to freedom in Christ comes through a true and growing relationship with Christ.

Yes, that’s it.

As you press through whatever life may be serving, I implore you to continue working on your relationship with our Savior. Religion can’t and won’t save you. Tradition for the sake of tradition will not help you when your back is against the wall and all hell is breaking loose. In those moments, the only thing that can save you and give you access to the freedom of Christ, is Christ Himself.

Seek Him, Brave Heart. Run towards Him earnestly and allow your relationship with Him to grow and fill you in every possible way. I cannot promise you an easy life, but I can promise you a life filled with the joy of the Lord.

Access granted; commence relationship.

Be blessed.

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  1. Amen thank you lord For Grace as I press only Spirtal Journey Daily. Thank you my sister min Early. For words of Encouragement 👏🙏

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