Whatsoever Years May Bring…

“Lord, please just let me have peace.”

Those were the last seven words of my prayer last night. I wasn’t as sad as I had been in the past, but my heart was definitely a bit heavy and a little worn. In my conversation with my besties during our virtual date meeting, I realized that I was a serial monogamist and that I have never truly taken the time to just date before jumping into a relationship. Yes, there were plenty of seasons of singleness, but never one where I intentionally dated men to get to know them and “explore” the dating world. And, after having been in this dating pool for almost three months, I can unequivocally say that it is truly for the birds.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about my and my besties’ perspectives on dating. It was a shallow dive into our experiences and I will not bore you with a recap or a deeper dive. What I will say is this, the hardest part about dating (that I’ve experienced thus far) is finding the courage to press on- trusting that God will soon fulfill His promises- even when the situation seems extremely bleak.

So, the question must be asked. How does one hold onto the promises of God when reality looks bleak? Well, I’m so glad you asked….

This couple that I know had been trying to buy a house in PA for five months. They had sold their home in MD and placed 6 unsuccessful bids on homes for their family in PA. However, when I last saw them earlier this month, they had placed a 7th bid and this one came with a resounding YES. By the time that I saw them, they had been in their new home for five days and the wife’s father was installing new floors as they were conversing with me. During their months of searching, this couple never lost their faith. They continued to try when all hope seemed lost and they never stopped praying…

This week was graduation week in Frederick County. The 10 high schools in our district took turns having graduation at a local college and with each graduation, our school district posted on social media a graduate spotlight, highlighting one senior and sharing a bit of their story. Though I only knew him for two years, the student selected for the high school where I work is an amazing young man. If you ask any other staff person, they will tell you that this young man experienced many trials, yet triumphed in the best way possible. Though his beginning was rough, his glow up was undeniable…

I was sitting on the floor of my apartment, crying profusely because my then-boyfriend and roommate had broken up with me via text. I was 30 years old and all of the weight that I had worked so hard to lose, had come back 10-fold as depression ravaged my mind and body. I sat on that floor and cried out to God, asking- no, begging- Him to hear my cry and save me. After three days of mourning, my spirit felt better, but my body was in pain. I scheduled an appointment with a Gastroenterologist and discovered that my body required me to make some immediate changes in order for me to live pain-free. While I was reluctant to make the changes, one delicious meal at a local vegan restaurant gave me hope and I decided to truly put my health first. The weight began to fall off and my high health numbers began to lower. Today I am a vegan who [low-key] encourages others to try something new…

You’re probably wondering what the point was of those three mini stories, well, wonder no more. Each story was a real-life, recent example of how people chose to press on and continue to trust God, even when it was easier to do the opposite. No person had a perfect story or journey, but each one had a pressing journey. Yes, I could have led you straight to scriptures like 1st and 2nd Samuel or Exodus, or stories about Peter or Paul… but I wanted you to see and experience beyond the scriptures. I’m realizing that sometimes in the life of the Believer, we may view the Bible as too ancient and unable to relate to our current circumstance. As such, I think we close the app or the physical Bible and choose to do life on our own terms. Always and forever, God is asking us to NOT do that. He is asking us to trust Him and press into Him so that He can continue to guide our lives and protect us, just like the loving Father that He is. So as to not get you “lost in the scriptures” and to make it real to you, I shared anecdotes, designed to show you God in your life and the lives of others.

Beloved, I do not know what you are waiting for right now. Maybe you are waiting for your spouse, your children to return like the Prodigal Son, or maybe you are waiting for a healing (physical, financial, emotional), etc. I do not know what promise seems too far gone to be possible, but just like Jesus showed up in the midst of the aforementioned stories, I know He will show up for you. Today is the day to trust Him, to look back at what He’s done and trust Him to do that and more in the future. Oh Beautiful Friend, your faith looks good on you and I cannot wait to see how God moves in your life as you continue to hold His hand.

In closing, I want to “sing” us out on a portion of a song that was sung yesterday in church. We all know that my besties do not allow me to sing in public, for fear that I may scare children (LOL), but I can surely type the lyrics and hyperlink a recorded version of a professional singing the song. As you prepare for the rest of the day, the rest of the week, and the start of a new month, I sing to you, “…Trust in Him Who will not leave you, whatsoever years may bring…”

Be blessed.

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