Plane Vision

As I sat in my window seat on the plane(s) travelling to and from Baltimore this past weekend, it became abundantly clear to me that in life, you can only see a small glimpse of what’s true and what’s real.

I don’t know about you, but when I fly, I must have a window seat. First, I am 5’9” and I need to be able to extend my legs whenever possible, without fear of tripping a Flight Attendant. Second, I do not want to get up every time someone has to pee or move for some reason. But lastly, because of my anxiety, I like to know what’s happening whenever possible. Yet it’s that last statement that causes me to laugh silently as I type to you.

I like to be in control.
I like to know what’s happening at all times.
I like to see all possible angles of a situation in order to discern truth from fallacy.
And if there is nowhere else that we are not in control, it is aboard an aircraft- especially when it is in the air.

I can only imagine that when the Wright Brothers were growing up, they wanted to see more of the world- literally. Original gliders allowed for pilots (and maybe their passenger) to see the world around them as they travelled through the air. They could literally see ahead and to their left and right as they flew. These gliders were not enclosed and pilots were able to feel the air around them. My mind’s eye envisions how beautiful this must have felt. Being so high up in the air, seeing more than you can see from the earth below while also feeling the crisp air and gentle breeze caress you from your seat. Doesn’t that sound beautiful?

Alas, as years passed, our desire to do, see, and be more caused the design of aircrafts to change. Planes got bigger so that they could hold more people and travel a farther distance. It no longer became a matter of seeing the world, but visiting/traveling the world. Our focus shifted and our greed for more fueled us to invent more and continue the ride towards gluttonous satisfaction. What happened to just enjoying the simplicity of it all?

The evolution of airplanes makes me think of The Garden of Eden and God’s original design for our lives. The simplicity of things in the beginning allowed for us to completely rely on God and trust His ways. We could literally coast through life- similar to the Wright Brothers- and enjoy as God guided us through everything. Why can’t we just go back to those days? You know, the days when we didn’t have to be in control yet we wanted for nothing. Those are the days that I long to see again…

As I stared out at the sky from my window seat, I wanted to see so much more than my view allowed. I wanted to see what was happening at the front of the plane, what was happening on the equivalent opposite side of the plane, and I wanted to see behind me. I wanted to capture each moment so that my mind could form a complete picture of the beauty of my surroundings. However, everything was not for me to see at that time. The view from the front of the plane was for the pilots to see. The view from the side was for the passengers on that side to see. And the back of the plane was for God to see as He moved us forward in each passing second.

Beloved, hear me here- everything is not to be seen or revealed to us individually. Sometimes, through divine discernment, God will reveal pieces of His master plan to us for us to then share with others in His divine time. It is when those visions are shared that we can form a semblance of a complete picture and better understand His overall plan. But until His reveals, we must stay watchful and prayerful over our individual portion of the plan.

We are not in control; God is.
We do not need to know what’s happening at all times; God does.
We do not need to see all possible sides at one time; God can.
God is in control and that’s something that we can rest in today.

My weekend business trip and airplane rides reminded me of one thing- I must fully surrender to God. If I want to understand more than I can see, I must surrender to the One who is omniscient, able to know and see all things, at all times.

I cannot see, so I trust the One who can.
I cannot do, so I trust the One who can.

Sweet friend, I do not know what you are trying to fully see and understand right now, but I pray that knowledge and recognition of our omniscient God is enough to calm your spirit until the moment He reveals more. For whatever we think we lack, God’s grace is more than sufficient, filling us to the utmost and empowering us to press on. We may not know everything or be able to do everything, but we do know our Abba, our Lord, our Savior Who is capable of far more than we can understand or see. Rest in Him, Love.

Be blessed.

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