He chose M.E.

After a long week, I decided to celebrate this weekend in two major ways- my monthly massage and dinner with two of my line sisters on Friday and then lunch with my besties on Saturday. Little did I know at the start of Friday that both gatherings would change my life forever.

On Friday as I relaxed and reclined with my line sisters, they asked me about my ex. Our conversation started off simple enough, but then we went to a deeper level that caused me to realize the importance of heeding God’s direction and moving when He speaks. I ended that evening empowered that I had truly done everything that God had called me to do. How many of us are courageous enough to admit that everything that God calls us to do may not be easy… but that we should do it anyway???

Then there was Saturday.

A series of what I can only call “God events” happened and I ended the night keenly aware of one thing- the standard had been set and there was truly no going back for me. God had allowed a beautiful situation to occur and its existence reminded me of the undeniable fact that God has always chosen me.

I truly believe that the spirit of rejection sits on many of us, causing us to believe that God could not possibly love us and that He would never choose us. Well, let this serve as a forever reminder that God loves you so incredibly much and He not only chose you, but He CONTINUES to choose you every single day. From the beginning of time, God chose you and He has stopped at nothing to remind you of His love for you.

  • The sun in the sky? God’s warmth and provision of your needs.
  • The falling rain? God’s providence as He allows life to grow.
  • The blizzard outside? God’s desire to slow us down to focus on Him.
  • The undesirable situation in your life? God’s grace is sufficient and He is pulling you near to Him.
  • The delay or detour as you drive to work? God’s way of preventing harm to come your way.

I could go on and on but I think you get the point. The 66 books of the Bible attest to God’s love for His people; Beloved, He chose you! Man is not God so please do not confuse the rejection of man as equivalent to the feelings of God. Remember what Isaiah 55:8-9 says if you ever try to confuse the two. Man can never love us the way God can and- brace yourself– the love that others extend to us is only pure when it comes from God.

In my singleness, I am learning that the only way that a man can love me the way that I need and deserve to be loved, is if he and I both fully submit our hearts to God. A heart in God’s hands can grow, love, and do so much more than a heart outside of His hands can. The hands of God- the same hands that made the heavens and the earth below it- are powerful beyond words and we can trust that anything within His hands is safe and under His control.

Isn’t is so sweet to know that God chose us? He chose to love us, even in the midst of our problems, mess, and sins. He chose us so profoundly, Beloved, that He even sent His Son to die for our sins so that we could be forever united with Him.

While Saturday was a beautiful day that set the bar high and raised my dating standards, Saturday was also a day that reminded me of just how much my God loves me… and how much He loves us! Sweet friend, you are CHOSEN! Even before you were in your mother’s womb, God loved you and He CHOSE you. He knew exactly who you would grow to be and he still CHOSE you. He sees you in your pain and brokenness now and still CHOOSES you. There is nothing on earth or above or below that can stop God from loving and CHOOSING you. (Romans 8:35-39)

He CHOSE you.
He still CHOOSES you.
He will continue to CHOOSE you.
And, He chose M.E.

Be blessed.

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