In a moment of true honesty, I have been struggling for the past few weeks. Between juggling a busy, busy schedule and trying to survive this iffy Maryland weather, I have felt like I am only a shell of myself and that thought has been breaking me for days.

Yet as I sit here typing, almost finished this movie on Lifetime entitled, “Highway to Heaven”, I’m doing what I encourage everyone to do at all times- press deeper into Christ.

What does it mean to press into Christ?

The answer to that question is vast as the amount of people in this world. And the beautiful thing is, pressing into God does not have to be one universal thing- it can be personal and intimate and uniquely yours.

Friend, in this month that we set aside to reflect on the things that we are most grateful for, let us also remember to be grateful for our time with God. Whether it’s full consecration through fasting and prayer, spending more time in His Word, or simply getting out to enjoy the beauty of His creation, let November be the month that you commit to Him.

As my best friend told me earlier this week, “November is graced for deliverance and healing.” Beloved, seek God for both and allow Him to show you just Who He is.

Be blessed.

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