Maternal Love…

Yesterday was Mother’s Day. I cannot remember a time that I was ever overly excited about this day but as I get older, I find a deeper appreciation for the day and its meaning. Once I learned what a “mother” looked like, I finally understood why Mother’s Day was so important.

It’s the day that we honor the maternal figures in our lives.

I have never carried or birthed a child in the traditional sense. I have been in the room as a baby was born and I have even fed a baby, changed diapers, lullabied (yes, I just made up that word) a baby to sleep, and showered a baby with love. Yet I am not a mother by any legal or biological definition.

What I am is a woman who closes her eyes at night and has dreams of pregnancy and motherhood, causing me to touch my stomach in real life, while I wait for God to reveal the meaning of His dream to me. What I am is a woman who loves her nieces, nephews, and God-children unapologetically, wishing nothing but the Lord’s best for their lives. What I am is an educator who desires to see every one of her students reach their highest potential and become their version of success that I know they can be. What I am is a woman who believes that my teenage Bible Study students deserve the opportunity to learn about God with love and genuine excitement like I did when I was their age.

What I am is a woman who was only created to do one thing on this earth and that’s to love God’s children.

All of ‘em.

The Black one.
The White one.
The girl.
The boy.
The heterosexual one.
The LGBTQIA+ one.
The old one.
The young one.
The sassy one.
The polite one.
The American one.
The non-American one.

All of ‘em.
I was called to love all of ‘em.

As I sit in my space, typing away at the keyboard, I realize just how many “children” and “mothers” that I have. I always joke with my bonus mom that God knew I would be too much for one mother to handle, so He gave me one more. Truth is, God knew that I would need A LOT of help and He sent me many mother-like figures to guide me along the way. Each woman loved me in her unique way and each woman played a crucial role in the woman that I have become (and am Becoming).

That is the role of a mother, I believe- to love, educate, and enrich. I’m grateful that as the years have passed, we have learned to acknowledge and recognize more women on this Second Sunday in May.

Beloved, if you love on youth, educate youth, and/or enrich youth, you are a parent. God trusts you with their hearts and has called you to play a role in that young person’s life. Honor Him by doing right by that young person.

You know I love you, right?!
Ok, good.

Be blessed.

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