Motivational Faith in Healing.

Another week, another cancelled vaccine appointment.

No, I’m not going to talk about that beyond that line, but I will say that that last cancellation triggered a thought within me that I want to bring here today: where does my faith reside?

We are now in our second week of Motivation March and, personally, I spent much of last week truly believing that this month was off to a great start because things were lining up the way that I needed them to.

I am excelling in my graduate classes.
I’ve been able to wake up early in the morning and get some walking in before work.
My boyfriend has spoiled me.
My best friend got the treats that I mailed her and enjoyed her pre-birthday cupcake.
I was able to get an earlier vaccine appointment and a woman of color as my primary care physician.

Five days in, I KNEW I was winning! Then I got that phone call on Friday evening. I felt a headache arrive that had been circling my body for some time and I just felt defeated. I was disappointed in my county and school system and I just wanted to sit in a corner, hiding from the germ-ridden world that exists beyond my door. Just as I was about to cuddle up in the perfect area, my boyfriend said something that resonates in my heart today.

“You have to have faith in God.”

Seven simple words yet their deeper implication led me to my question from earlier. If I was putting all of my faith in a vaccine and man’s ability to vaccinate me, then I was not putting my faith in the God that had carried me through so many other things. The same God that had protected me from death in other viral and bacterial infections has indeed protected me up until now. His decision to not present a vaccine appointment for me yet is NOT because He does not want me to have the vaccine, but instead He does not want me to esteem the vaccine higher than Him. You see, I have a tendency to do that. I have a tendency to place my faith in earthly things and not in the God Who provided them all and more.

Today’s #MondayMessage is brief, but before we go, please open your Bibles to the scripture that my boyfriend quoted in his motivational conversation with me. Hebrews 11:1. Beloved, life will never be perfect. We will have good moments and we will have bad; we will have happy moments, and we will have sad moments. Regardless of which moment we are in, we must continue to place our faith in the God Who does not change in the heat of a moment. We must continue to trust that the same God Who brought us through the joys and tears of the past, will indeed bring us through the joys and tears of the future. We must place our hope in Him and have faith that God will do even beyond what we can see or think.

And that is our Motivational Faith in Healing.

Be blessed.

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