You won: A poem of healing victory

You trusted God.
You allowed Him to intricately and perfectly stitch you back together, as only He can.
You didn’t give up or give in- though I know you wanted to.
You held on, stayed the course, and trusted God.

You won.

What others declared would turn out one way, you ignored and pressed on in faith.
You saw victory not just as an elusive flicker of light, but instead as a tower, beckoning you near.
Triumphing in battle is what you do because you fight with God on your side.
Many, including me, counted you out….

But. You. Won.

I look at you today and I can barely see the scars that once defined you.
God healed you so majestically, that only healing remains.
I am so proud of you and grateful for what you’ve become.
When I see you, I see God’s supernatural healing power.

Wow. You won.

Thank you for trusting God.
Thank you for believing that He alone was able to do the impossible.
Thank you for entrusting your needs to the prayers of others.
Thank you for allowing yourself the time and space to heal.

Trust Him; you won.

You aren’t what you were before.
You are now a better version of you.
You can no longer go back to where or who you were before;
You are new in Him.

Yes, honey; you won!

Hold your head up high,
Dry your tears and cry no more.
Count it all joy;
This was all to strengthen your endurance.

Though wars may brew, you, Beloved, have already won.

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