Admire the butterflies

For the entire month of June, God spoke to my heart and told me- very clearly- to surrender everything to Him. I briefly talked on this topic in last week’s #MondayMessage and I plan to share from a snippet of this topic on Wednesday as I speak for my church’s Wednesday Word of Encouragement. God was very clear that He needed me to learn how to surrender to Him and give Him everything- good and bad- that I was carrying within me.

So I surrendered…
… and am still surrendering.

This weekend my loving guy surprised me and took me away for the holiday weekend. Needless to say, I had moments when I was a bit of a brat because things were not going my way. I’m spoiled; this is an unfortunate side effect of being the baby of my family- I’m used to getting my way and I catch an attitude when I don’t get it. I promise you, this is also something that God is actively working out within me and He is starting by helping me to surrender to Him. My guy, the sweetheart that he is, continued to press through and contend with my ways, while still surprising and loving me unconditionally. As the day pressed on, his surprises continued and, sadly, it wasn’t until the end of the day when I finally saw the beauty of the day that God had wanted me to see… had I just surrendered to Him earlier.

Beautiful butterflies

As I sit at home now, still relishing in the beauty that I experienced when I finally let go, I want to share one piece of “advice” with you (if I may): take time to admire the butterflies. In hindsight, I passed so many butterflies as I walked through our secret destination on Friday. As I have learned in my life, God sends butterflies my way to get me to see beauty that I might have otherwise missed. Whenever I slow down enough and truly surrender to God, I am able to see the beauty of the passing butterflies and I can envision the true beauty of God’s work. So, Beloved, I urge you to admire the beauty of the passing butterflies. Whether it be a literal butterfly or a metaphorical butterfly, take the time to admire the beauty of what God is trying to show you. He may be revealing something in you or He may be revealing an unknown side of Him (He did this often through the Bible), but God is steadily speaking, if we would just take the time to quiet down and listen to His voice.

Dear friend, admire the butterflies.

Be blessed.

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