Lessons from a butterfly…

I sat at my church’s softball game yesterday afternoon- sun shining and a faint breeze blowing past me. The players were working hard and I was watching intently. Well, as intently as someone who had no clue what was happening could be. So as I was sitting in my comfy chair letting the shaded sun kiss my skin, I saw the most beautiful creature that I have ever seen in my life.

No, it wasn’t a tall, dark, handsome, and bearded man…
It was a big, beautiful, black butterfly with yellow spots.

I really wish I could have photographed my beautiful friend but I was too enamored by its grace to even take out my camera. It soared a few feet above the grass, dancing and painting the air around it, and then dipped low to ground, sniffing and taking in its scenery. And then, just when I thought it could do nothing more, it approached the batting fence, paused ever so briefly, and then maneuvered itself through the hole in the fence.

How did it do that? How did it know that it needed to bend and contort its body in a special way to be able to fit through such a tiny opening? Was it scared? Is that just something that all butterflies know how to do?

So many questions entered my mind!

After it slid through, my winged friend flew across the field and floated out of my sight. I don’t know where it went but [in my Mary Poppins optimism] I assume it went on to show others its beauty and style. Such a generous little butterfly…

Butterflies begin their lives as a lowly caterpillar- unappreciated, overlooked and, well, unattractive. Then, through a chrysalis phase, they work diligently and prepare for the soon-coming unveiling of their beauty. Let’s be honest, we all pass caterpillars by. We ignore them and never stop to even consider the potential beauty that they possess. But when that butterfly emerges, woah, stand back now! Beauty is unveiled and we stand aback, captivated by its colors and elegance.

So why am I writing about a butterfly that I didn’t even photograph? Because that butterfly, my friend, is you.

I don’t know you and, for most of you, I have never met you but I do know one thing- you are beautiful and adaptive, well-suited to handle every aspect of change that comes your way.

Beloved, no matter what you have been through in your life, you are beautiful. Your beauty, like this butterfly, is indescribable. You may have experienced a series of setbacks or not-even-started-yets that have you feeling unseen, unloved, and unimportant but it’s time you knew the beauty that lies within you. Much like the beautiful butterfly, how you started is not how you will finish. While many may have counted you down and out because of what they could see on the outside, God sees what’s on the inside and He says the game is already rigged in your favor! (Deuteronomy 28:13, and 2 Corinthians 9:8)

Secondly, just as this flying beauty was able to approach a fence, quickly assess its situation, and then adapt to it in order to push through, you have been given all that you need to do the same thing. One thing that Rev. Samuel A. Spralls, IV said yesterday in service is that we already have all that we need to succeed and accomplish all that God has called us to do- God’s written word (the Bible… our sword) and the Living Word (Christ Jesus made flesh). With those two items (and faith the size of a mustard seed), we are able to say to the mountain “be moved” and it will be removed (Matthew 17:20 and Mark 11:20-26). I truly believe that B3 (Black, Beautiful Butterfly) looked at the approaching fence, considered its own balanced strength and fragility, and exercised some faith as it flew through an opening smaller than its body. It did not become overwhelmed because of what was in front of it, instead it literally flew right through it.

Do that, my sister and brother, do just that. Take some time and realize the beauty that you possess within you and then channel that beauty and strength to face whatever awaits you. Will life be easy? Nope; I’m not even gonna lie to you. Will you be able to press through it? Yep!.. And best yet, it will all be worth it.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go kick myself for not capturing a picture of that alluring butterfly… 🙂

Be blessed.

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