Moving Forward…

On Thursday I got a letter saying that my position at my current school was not guaranteed beyond June 30th. I have to admit, I cried so much that evening… but not for the reasons that you might think.

I cried because the Holy Spirit was revealing so much at the particular moment and I did not think I was ready to accept it. So, naturally, I texted my best friend in the next morning, expecting her to kinda side with me and comfort me, but God had something different planned for Amy’s response. Instead of the comforting response, Amy gave me what my spirit knew and heart wanted to avoid. See some of her message below.

I was stunned by her words. Literally, they pierced my soul and left me wanting more. I continued to read her message throughout all of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. And even today. I’ve read it so much that I almost have it committed to memory. But here is why I’m sharing this with you:

Fear and anxiety are the death to our life.

Last year God placed this line in my head and I created this picture. In an ideal world, I could tell you that since it is also my signature on my work email account, that I live by this quote. The realty, however, is that after I read the email from my best friend, God brought the quote back to my mind and said, “remember this?” Yes, God; I remember now.

But I also understand now.

Honestly, I was bogged down with fear and it all come pouring out as I read her email. While I love my job and the work that I do, the reality is that I’m a big fish in a little pond… and that was comfortable for me. Reality is, I was afraid of working in the industries of my past, for fear that they may dispose of me as they did in the past. Reality is, I was afraid of actually approaching and fulfilling the promises of God… because… then what?

I kept thinking that if I got back into one of those high-paying jobs, that I would not be able to do what my heart loves. The reality that I found is that in doing my heart work alone, I was not being obedient. Yes, God has every plan to grow and develop the ministry that He Himself birthed in me, but there are things that He needs me to do first. The biggest thing that He needs me to do? Trust Him and be obedient to Him.

And that scares me. It freaks me out to not be in control of what will happen in my life. I am terrified that if I actually let go, that my life will not go the way that I dreamt that it would. Reality is, if I just let go and let God work, everything WILL be better than I could ever imagine. He would then be able to truly unlock the blessings of Abraham in my life and give me life abundantly. That’s what His word says and, since He doesn’t lie, that’s exactly what He wants to do. But in choosing fear and anxiety, I limit God, and sin by walking in my own pride and not His providence and promises.

When we live in anxiety we are actually saying that what we face is stronger, bigger, and more powerful than our God. We are giving power to the situation and essentially limiting God because we think that He cannot handle what we are going through. But we err in doing this because God has no limits, He has no boundaries. He is not man and is not limited by the things that limit and control us.

As I end this post I want to direct you to one of my favorite passages of the bible. This chapter has the answer to any problem that you may face in life. Need help in fasting? Turn here. Need help prioritizing your life? Turn here. Overcome by financial woes? Turn here. Need help in learning how to pray? Turn here. Need help with anxiety and stress? Turn to Matthew chapter 6.

Matthew 6:25-34 provide what is described as the “cure for anxiety” by reminding us of God’s deity. If He feeds and clothes the animals of this world, who cannot pray or ask for providence, than how much more will He not provide for us, His children? Beloved, I look in a mirror as I say this to you:

Focus on God. Cast your cares on Him Who is able to handle them and focus on Him alone.

By doing we are living what Matthew 6:33 says and then God will fulfill what the same verse says. It will not be easy. TRUST ME! I still fall and stumble in the ways of fear and anxiety. But when I fall, I stand back up, dust myself off, and refocus my sight on God. How I wish that for you! So let us stand today, knowing that things will try us but God will sustain us. Seek Him first and everything that you need- love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control- will be provided unto you.

Be blessed.

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