My Abba, my God…

If only there were words to say,
That could express how I feel-
Knowing that You walk with me-
And that You hold my hand.

Though storms rage,
Though they try to consume me,
You are forever faithful.
You are forever near.

What a mighty God You are!
Strong in battle,
An ever-present help,
A rock on which I can build and depend!

As the enemy tempted,
You interceded on my behalf.
As death called for me,
You bore my pain instead.

With a loud voice my heart calls out to You-
“Please hear my cry!” its pangs scream out
Then, without delay or dismay,
You answer, “I am here, My child.”

What a loving God You are!
Comforting those who mourn,
Strengthening those who are weak,
Guiding the lost to safety in You!

You wipe my tears from today,
And shower me with love.
You promise that weeping won’t last long,
Then You bring joy in the morning.

No matter what life offers me,
You are richer than it all.
Even with the greatest of seductions,
You are sweeter still.

What a great God You are!
The God that knows,
The God that hears,
The only God that supplies!

You are holy;
The Righteous and Sovereign One.
You are magnificent-
Powerful and just in all Your ways.

I bow down before You,
Showing reverence and honor to You, God.
I sit at the foot of Your throne,
Needing time with You and You alone.

I love the love that we share;
The intimacy cannot compare.
My Lord, my Love-
My Abba, my God.

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