Full on God…

One of my favorite celebratory tricks to see is the tower of champagne glasses that overflows with bubbly liquid as the top glass is filled. Because of my ADD, things like this fascinate me. I look at the top glass and wonder how long it will take to fill up before it begins to overflow. I wonder about the pouring speed and how long it will take before the glasses at the bottom fill to their capacity. And further still, what happens to them once they are full.

Ok, I’m weird, and my mind wonders everywhere all the time.

But the reason I love this  visual is because it reminds me that unless the first cup is full, it cannot fill the others. Likewise, if I am not full, I cannot pour into others.

My intentions…

When I started this blog, I had a flood of stories and passages to share with the world. I had so many that I was posting daily and writing essays within each blog. The words were flowing like water and it felt good to get these thoughts out of my head and off of my chest. Everyday I rushed to my computer and anxiously typed towards my healing. Even last week when I lost my job, the words still flowed. I was, and still am, grateful for the journey that God is taking me on. I literally thought my gratitude drove my writing… until the gratitude remained but the words didn’t.

I am slowly realizing that much like the champagne glass vision, I have to be full in order to fill others. Meaning, in order for me to write about God, I have to read His words and allow them to consume me. Oh, that’s how that works!

Being full…

This morning I texted my bestie and told her that I felt lost. Which is very true. My journey towards healing is so difficult for me because it is hard for me to relinquish control of my life, even if I’m giving control back to God. In my mind, I have so many great ideas of what I could be doing and I am just waiting for God to ask me for my opinion (Spoiler alert: He’s not going to ask me.) This journey is literally forcing me to let God live.

As I continue to read His Word and go to Him in prayer, I allow Him to pour into me. When He pours into me, He fills my soul completely. Even though I am full, God continues to pour and that overflow is what I am able to share with you.

I am learning today that it is ok if I do not have a message to share every day. Not every day has to be a blog day. I can blog some days and then enjoy the words of others on the other days. And that’s ok.


We are on this healing journey together- you and me. We are here to seek God and allow Him to heal us completely. But in order for healing to work, we have to be full. Today let’s make a vow to spend more time with God. One of the best things that I learned during my television fast was that God was everywhere and in everything. I was able to feel His presence in everything that I did. I want that feeling for you! I challenge you to find an extra hour each day to spend with God. It can be an hour praying, reading the Bible, or just meditating. We just need time to fill ourselves with His spirit. Try this for a week and let me know how it works out. I pray that God will speak to your heart and fill you completely.

Let’s get full…on God.

It’s healing time, y’all!

Be blessed.

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