Family and Forgiveness

Enjoy today’s #MondayMessage… another audio post that I pray blesses you. Please, reach out to me and let me know your thoughts and feelings. Have a blessed and wonderful week.

Music: Inspire Musician: ASHUTOSH

Be blessed.

One Reply to “Family and Forgiveness”

  1. These holidays are all man-made traditions. I personally and trying in every instance to remove myself from these and in fact, it causes some of my family members to question me. However, I do agree, I don’t have the same relationships of family members. I forgive and also ascribe to the same — I ask for forgiveness. There is no respect of persons with my well-being. If I can’t peaceably communicate, I avoid those persons. When family insist on communication, I do what is asked because of their perception of what I am “supposed” to do but internally, I know the difference. In this case I am talking “family.” However, if it does not fair well for me — communication and expectations are cut off. The word says we are not to strive — I pray and leave it to God. Especially if they are not saved. I don’t say that loosely, some believe they are saved and are not. Just bear in mind, if their relationship with God is non-existent and I am not the conduit for them to believe God. I know the enemy tries drain my life and use emotions cast my pearls to swine. Love to you!!

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