God’s Time…

I was born a Baltimore fan. No matter our score or record, I am #TeamBaltimore, from birth ’til earth and I am proud of it! As a Baltimore fan, one thing I can tell you is that we always believe that we are right. As such, during yesterday’s football game against the Miami Dolphins, we fans (and coaches) just KNEW that the Dolphins’ second touchdown pass was beyond questionable. From the angle that we could see, it looked like Gesicki’s right foot did not land within bounds as he leapt in the air to catch the soaring ball. Fans in the stands screamed in disagreement and coaches roared in anger at the refs’ call. From their point of view, Gesicki was out and that touchdown was not valid. But there was another perspective. From the view of the announcers and all of the cameras, Gesicki’s foot was definitely in and the touchdown was good. It was all about view/vantage point.

For longer than I care to admit, I struggled with accepting God’s timing in my life. I figured that God was too high and- let’s be honest- too far away to see things that way that I could. Like the coaches and fans in Ravens game yesterday, I believed that because I was closer to the action, I could see things more clearly than God could. However, just like the announcers and cameras in yesterday’s game, God is high enough to see things from different vantage points, allowing Him to see things more clearly than I can. He sees the present, the past, and the future simultaneously, basing all of His decisions on His omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient nature. His timing is never wrong- even if we don’t like the things that He does.

What brought me to this truth?

Yesterday I sat in Sunday service, humbled to my seat by the words that God spoke through His humble servant and my brother, Reverend Dr. Scot Thomas. I thought God had forgotten about me and that He was not hearing my heart. Understand me when I say this, God has been better than God to me. Professionally, I see God’s hand moving with grace and speed in my life. Yet there is one area where I wonder if God is aware that I am crying out to Him. Abba, can you hear me? My heart has a desire that I am not sure You have heard. Elohei Chasdi, when will it be my time?

Have you ever felt like this? I want to petition your heart to listen to and receive the words of God. When you finish, I’m here if you want to talk and continue on this healing journey.

Reverend Dr. Scot Thomas

Be blessed.

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