Power in Your Voice

There is power in my voice.

I just finished reading this young adult novel entitled, How to Say I Love You Out Loud, by Karole Cozzo, for my Intro to Exceptional Children course in school. Though written towards an audience half my age, I loved this book because it left me with one powerful thought (that I included in my critique paper), “having the ability to speak but not the desire is sad, but having the desire to speak but not the ability is the true tragedy.” While many people suffer through speech, mental, and physical impairments that prevent them from speaking despite their desire to do just that, I was blessed with the ability to speak and I often chose not to properly use my voice.

Not anymore.

For so long I hid behind shame and fear, allowing them both to silence the bright fire burning inside of me. Today, I stand on the shoulders of my ancestors, with the full strength of my God, and I release the power that is within me. I don’t know what this means in a practical sense or how this will change anything about the way that I live my life, I simply know that I won’t go in silence anymore.

Today I also invite you to stand up and walk boldly in the power that is within you. Speak your truth and share your heart- no matter what the loudest voices of opposition may say- speak to the silent minority. Speak what God has spoken to your heart and speak it just as He has instructed you to speak. Beloved, there is so much power in your voice.

Be blessed.

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