Gimme more of 34…

Well, it’s Monday.

Normally, I have some well-written and [hopefully] carefully-edited post to share with you about Jesus, faith, and how the two marry nicely for our daily lives. However, after spending all of last week and this past weekend celebrating my birthday, I find myself grateful, full, and tired.

On Thursday I turned 34.

I’m from Baltimore, Maryland. Yes, that is the city from the HBO series, The Wire. Yes, violence is real in the city… but it is often done in response to systemic treatment. Yes, the potholes are the size of Africa. Yes, I love my city and rep it for life. I’m from Baltimore and in that city, reaching 34 years of age is a badge of honor not granted to many people. I’ve buried many who did not live to see that age (including a baby who didn’t even reach two years old) and I take each year as a true gift from God.

I was able to see my Lil Butterfly, eat lunch with my mother, and end the evening with my love. It rained on and off for the day but I turned 34 and I am grateful.

Maryann would have been 31.

One of the many senseless murders that occurred in Baltimore devastated my family on February 15, 2019 when my cousin, Maryann, was killed in her apartment by her son’s father. She was 29 at the time and would have turned 30 the day after my birthday. But she didn’t make it; her life was stolen from her and now her beautiful son, Knowledge, must live his life without the love of his mother. We gathered at her grave site to shower her with love. My guy was there, too, and I loved the way he bonded with Knowledge. The two of them related in a way that we couldn’t compare- they had both lost their mothers. Of all the celebrating that I did this week, this was the most important celebration. Maryann would have been 31 and for her life and legacy, I am grateful.

The City of Brotherly Love loved on us.

My guy was intent on showering me with birthday love. There were moments where it felt like his birthday, not mine, because he wanted things to be so perfect. I love him for that. We drove to Philly on Friday after leaving my cousin’s grave and we traveled about the city. In an eight hour span, we saw all of the major tourist spots of Philly and ate some AMAZING vegan food. We saw a protest (and met EVERY police officer in the city) and enjoyed our time together as a couple. Love was in the air; the City of Brotherly Love loved on us and for that, I am grateful.

Sunday is for Soul Sisters.

I ended my birthday weekend with an afternoon/evening with my sistah-friends. We walked Downtown Frederick, had lunner (lunch and dinner) in Downtown Gaithersburg, and relaxed outside with meaningful conversation. I have finally realized that it is important to spend time with those that warm your heart. These ladies add to my happiness; they are my soul sisters and I am grateful.


Two things were consistent last week: 1. My grateful heart for another year of life and 2. My full stomach. OMG did I eat good! Vegan food flowed a-plenty and I will likely spend the rest of the month trying to work it off. But in the moment, all was delicious and I am grateful.

Have a blessed and wonderful week, Beloved!

Meanwhile, gimme more of 34…

To see all of the pictures from my week, visit my FB or IG pages.

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