By the river with You.

Set the mood:
This song was the first song that I heard as I sat by the river, writing this piece…

It has been a day like none other.
My state of cloudiness and overcast has given way to the grateful breeze of a smiling sky.
I have abandoned what I should do and rested in the peace of Your arms.
I am here, feeling and hearing the strength of the wind…
…as I sit by the river with You.

Forgive me for not doing this more often.
Not the physical escape, but the emotional respite, as it is long overdue.
For some time I have needed a moment to meet You at the well and drink from Your water that never runs dry.
For some time I have needed You but settled for false substitutions.
Forgive me for never taking the time to simply…
…sit by the river with You.

There are a million thoughts that run through my mind on a daily basis.
The fact that only a few occupy me now is a gift and blessing from You.
The pressing thought on my mind is: What would it look like if I let go and trusted You fully?
What would it look like if I left my fear and doubts here on this bench…
…as I sit by the river with You?

A group of fellow tourists came here, too.
One woman stood on the bar rails, extended her arms, and let the wind pass through her open body.
I don’t know what ran through her mind at the time, but I’m sure she felt release and security at the same time.
My heart prays for that type of release…
…as I sit by the river with You.

The call of nature hits me differently than it does most.
I’m either allergic to or afraid of what’s out here.
Yet there are times when my heart responds to the call to be in Your creation.
So, casting aside all fear, I run to be…
…by the river with You.

As the train passes on its way to its next stop-
As the sun shines unabashedly upon all that’s beneath it-
As the water flows, sweetly crushing upon the rocks in its path-
I think of You and Your love for me- the love that sets me free-
…as I sit by the river with You.

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