Bird talks and the little things.

I had just finished typing the outline for the sermon that I will preach on Wednesday (make sure you click HERE to view it at 7pm) and was preparing to re-up on food before sitting down for to write this #MondayMessage when I heard a loud conversation outside. I called my bestie to tell her all about it:

Me: Girl, I’m here livin’ my best life and they outside makin’ so much noise!
Amy: Who?
Me: These birds! They have been talkin’ for a long time; it’s the Sabbath Day, they should be restin’!
Amy: (now fully laughing at my silliness) Maybe they havin’ service…
Me: Hol’ on, they all makin’ noise and leavin’… I think someone got saved!
Amy and Me: Hallelujah! (explosion of laughter)

*I make no apologies for the fact that we converse in fullon Bestie Language. 🙂

With the seriousness of everything going on around us, God gently spoke to my heart and told me to start this week’s post off with some laughter. It is my sincerest prayer that you, too, can find some humor in the midst of your day.

For two weeks I have spoken about COVID-19 and its reverberating impact on the world. Today I just want to talk to you. I’m not going to laden this post with scriptures that you may or may not care to read, I’m not even going to make this a long read, but what I am going to do is share some love and laughter with you today. The beauty of being on a social media fast, coincidentally, during a pandemic is that I am not privy to the endless fear-inducing posts that have been shared. The downside of it all is that I’m probably missing some really beautiful pictures of nature, love, and inspiration. I don’t know about you, but when the big things are weighing down on me, it’s the little things that help to refocus me. So, here, beloved; let’s look at some little things and lighten our hearts in the midst of what’s happening around us.

I love you; be blessed.

My heartbeat (my niece, Sophia… affectionately known as Lil Butterfly) posing for Spring pictures.
Earlier in the month I went on a walk with my guy (the term “boyfriend” just seems so juvenile to me); he snapped this picture of Baker Park.
My SIC (Sister In Christ) turned 40 at the top of this month and I was honored to serve as the photographer of the party. This is a panoramic pic that I captured with my cell phone.
I am a total Vegan… but my guy is a total meat eater. After 12 years of never cooking beef, I cooked some rib-eye steak for him (and green beans, mashed potatoes, and gravy). He said the steak was good (I used a dry rub)!

Let’s look at some cute animals!!!

(above: Yep, I got some more ink, bringing my total to 12!)

It’s the little things and the joy them bring!

TELL ME ABOUT YOUR LITTLE THINGS! I would love to hear from you!

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