I like to watch movies when I am on the treadmill at the gym. A movie, as opposed to just music, keeps my eyes occupied so I can’t focus on the time that is passing as I complete my workout. A free workout tip from your favorite person with A.D.D.- you’re welcome. Anyway, this past Thursday I saw this cute movie on Netflix and I decided to give it a try. Its title, “Same Kind of Different as Me,” stood out to me and grabbed my attention away from the other Netflix movies that should never be watched under any circumstances. So I read the quick intro and dove head first into the movie. Little did I know at the time but that movie was sent from God to deliver three important messages to me that I would like to share with you today. No, this is not a movie review and I am not a movie critic so if you want a play-by-play of the movie, please visit Wikipedia or Netflix to watch this movie (sidebar, it’s from 2017). BUT, I implore you to stick around to read what God shared…. it’s for you and me!

“When you are precious to God, you are important to Satan”

When I heard this quote from Denver Moore (portrayed by Djimon Hounsou) I almost passed out. IF THIS AIN’T TRUTH! So often we see- both in the bible and in today’s world- that those who God deems as precious and called for some great, divine purpose to be the recipient of some vicious tests and trials. Pick any member of the Hall of Faith (Hebrews chapter 11) and you will find a story of faith developed through battles for God. Each person served some greater purpose for the Kingdom and God delighted in them in a special way. Yet just as the Lord delighted in them, Satan visited them with his schemes.

When I heard this quote my mind instantly thought of my own life. Not to be cocky, but I know that I am precious to God because He sent His Son to die for me… which means that Satan finds me important and will work overtime to deter me. I recalled the moments when Satan called me away from God’s path. I remembered the pain that each answered called inflicted upon me. I realized that God heard the cries of my heart and rescued me every time.

Satan works overtime to attack me because I am important to him.
I am important to Satan because I am beyond precious to God.
I am precious to God because I have a divine and unique kingdom purpose to fulfill here on earth.

“Whether we’s rich or we’s poor, we all homeless just working our way back home.”

In the movie Denver Moore was a homeless man that was befriended by the main characters. At a special service for one of them, Denver spoke and said this line that I will never soon forget- we are all homeless and working our way back home. There I was, sitting in my 72-degree home, watching this movie from my Android cellphone and this man is saying that I am homeless! Surprising, but so true. Despite what physical and tangible things I see when I open my eyes, my home is not here- my home is with my Father.

Jesus said that He was going to prepare a place for me, a room in God’s mansion that was just for me. I use my divine imagination and I can see the splendor of that room and that mansion. In my room I see ceiling to floor windows that overlook the opulence and beauty of God’s city. There is no bed (because we will never get tired) but there is a beanbag chair for me to sit in and gaze out. That’s my home. Right now, in a spiritual sense, I am homeless, just waiting to enter into my forever home.

Are you homeless, beloved?

“The only things that last forever are the things we give away.”

I grew up in a baptist church of modest resources and I remember my pastor (my dad by love) always saying on Sunday morning that he has never seen a U-Haul truck driving behind a hearse. This “joke” was meant to remind us in the congregation that the riches that we accumulate on earth cannot follow us in death… so we should build our riches in something else. Again, when Denver spoke these words in the movie, he was encouraging those with a heart to hear to realize that the only things that will carry on from generation to generation are the things that we do for a greater purpose than our own.

Think of some of the greatest inventors and innovators- Madam C.J. Walker (the relaxer), George Washington Carver (Peanut butter), Thomas Edison (the light bulb), Alexander Graham Bell (the telephone), and the Wright Brothers (airplanes). I can imagine that when they started doing what they are now famous for, they were doing it to solve an immediate need, yes, but they were also doing it to improve mankind as a whole. That is what I believe Denver was trying to say. Everything that we do on this side (until we reach our forever home) should be for the betterment of others. If I can add to that, I believe that Denver was encouraging us to live our lives, not to please others, but to serve others. (Hmm, reminds me of another Great Man from the bible who came to serve).

So I ask again- are you homeless, beloved? Have you realized that you are so precious to God that, naturally, Satan is going to find ways to attack you? Are you living your life to serve (in one way or another) the people that God has placed in your life with the bountiful blessings that He has bestowed upon you? And lastly, are you living your life here as though your true home is in Heaven with our loving Father?

This movie led me to one undeniable conclusion- until the day that I reconnect with my Father in Heaven, I am just a resident in this shelter called life and I, too, am homeless.

Be blessed.

2 Replies to “Homeless”

  1. Yes, to all the questions! Sucks to live a motel room but it is better than living outside again. 😉

    There is truth here. Yes as believers we are supposed to be homeless but few are. Too often many get so comfortable in this world that we cannot tell them apart from unbelievers. That is sad because they will lose out on the great reward of intimacy with Jesus!

    Homer Les
    Uncompromising Faith


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