In My Lane

It was a beautiful Autumn day here in Frederick and I left the house completely enamored by God’s marvelous work. I hopped in my car and couldn’t stop smiling as I felt the chill of the crisp air and saw the leaves on the trees that were trying their hardest to fight the inevitable change that was coming their way. I spoke praises to my God and turned over my car’s engine to begin my journey. At the double left turn lane, I waited for the light to turn green and I continued to marvel at my God. When the light changed, I applied gas and made my turn. I was in the far right lane so naturally when I turned, I turned into the far right lane… but so did the car in the far left lane. In fact, that car completely cut me off with only a few inches of space and seconds in time for me to adjust to what was happening to me. Instantly I was upset and every bit of my flesh wanted to speed up and cut this person off at the next opportunity. I’m from Baltimore and at the drop of a dime, my county-driving etiquette can convert right back to City-living survival mode. I am not the one to test. Yet as I thought of the sermon that God was preparing in my spirit (one on resisting temptation), I slowed down and let the person go. Either they were oblivious to the rules of driving or they were in more of a hurry than me. In either case, I stayed in my lane and proceeded to work. I realized at that moment that the best response to that situation was to just stay in my lane.

Actually, that is the response that God has now placed in my heart regarding many areas of my life.

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen it, but I wear a cape. It is a stylish, fuchsia-colored, satin-ish cape with glitter on the outside and it helps me as I valiantly travel from person to person trying to be a hero/savior to all. Ok, I don’t really own a cape, but my mind does own every situation that those around me face. No matter what the problem may be, I tend to think that it is my responsibility to solve the problem for them. I interject myself in their situation, offer my “expertise”, and take on more responsibility than God intended for me to assume. I suffer from Save-a-Soul dis-ease and I struggle to find a cure.

But this past week as God was preparing me to preach yesterday, He had to very clearly tell me to stay in my own lane and stop trying to do too much of things not related to what He has called me to do. God has called me to go forth and make disciples of His children (Matthew 28:16-20), He did call me to help those around me (Matthew 25:40-45), He did call me to preach and teach His word, but He did not call me to be a savior. That position is already filled by Christ.

As I prepare to do my over 30yr old morning stretches (PAUSE, why didn’t anyone tell me the way the body changes once we turn 30?!), I want to leave one thing with you: stay in your lane.

God, in His Sovereignty, has gifted us each with a service/ministry lane. This is the area in which He has given us incredible talent and patience, specifically for the purpose of doing His work and reaching His children. For some, this lane may be as wide as two or three highway lanes combined. For others, this may be as narrow as a rural country road. Regardless of the size, the goal is the same- do God’s work within the realm of your unique and individual calling. As I have personally learned, God can grow our lane over time but we must always begin by doing what He has gifted us to do in a particular season and let Him worry about everything else. When it comes to His work, there is no cutting people off, travelling at excessive speeds, or driving erratically. We must exercise patience and remain vigilant as He divinely arranges the lanes of all of His children to converge and serve purposefully on this highway called Life.

I’m sure that our paths will cross at some point, I mean, hey, you are already reading this blog. Right now God has me meeting so many beautiful souls as I travel in my ministry lane and I am grateful! If you are unsure of what your lane may be (or you know… and you know that you are not travelling in it), stop right now and ask our gracious Father to direct you into what He has called you to do.

You are not a savior.
You are a servant.
You are called.
You are chosen.
Travel with confidence and boldness in the lane that God has for you.

Stay awake and alert because I’m sure that our paths will cross again at some divine point as I travel in my lane…

Be blessed.

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